3rd call for large-scale projects


The Innovation Fund’s third call for large-scale projects was launched on 3 November 2022. The REPowerEU Plan announced the contribution of the Innovation Fund to further support the EU’s independence from Russian fossil fuels and accelerate Europe’s green transition.

With a budget doubled to EUR 3 billion thanks to increased revenue from the auctioning of EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) allowances, this third call counts four topics, three of which are part of REPowerEU:

  • Innovative electrification in industry and hydrogen (budget: EUR 1 billion)
  • Clean tech manufacturing (supporting manufacturing of components and final equipment such as electrolysers and fuel cells, innovative renewable equipment, energy storage, or heat pumps), (budget: EUR 700 million)
  • “Mid-sized pilots” projects for validating, testing and optimising highly innovative solutions (budget: EUR 300 million)
  • General decarbonisation, which isavailable to all projects eligible for the Innovation Fund except those which fall under dedicated RePowerEU topics (budget: EUR 1 billion).

Project applicants, please use the EU Funding and Tenders portal, where you can find further information on the overall procedure.

An online Info session will be held between 29-30 November 2022, read further here.

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Thursday, March 16, 2023
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