5 new projects on ‘Underwater noise in the Marine Environment’ awarded funding

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The joint call is the first UN Ocean Decade focused contribution and implementing activity by JPI Oceans, in its role as Decade Implementing Partner for Europe. The call offered a concrete opportunity to systematically approach ocean challenges, support policy and governance, and carry out experimental research activities on the emerging issue of the acoustic pollution of ocean and seas.

In the first phase, thirteen project proposals involving partners from all eight participating countries were received. The proposals were evaluated by independent, international peer reviewers and ranked by an evaluation panel. On this basis, the Call Steering Committee selected five projects for funding.

The projects revolve around two themes:

  • The effects of anthropogenic noise pollution on marine ecosystems
  • The development of innovative seismic sources as quieter and effective alternatives to conventional marine geophysical exploration

The selected projects are:

  • ORCHESTRA | ecOsystem Responses to Constant offsHorE Sound specTRA | Coordinator: Maarten Boersma, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (Germany)
  • DeuteroNoise | Characterization of maritime noise in different European basins and its impact on ecological relevant deuterostome invertebrates | Coordinator: Lucia Manni, University of Padua (Italy)
  • DIAPHONIA | DIagnostic framework to Assess and Predict tHe impact Of underwater NoIse on mArine species | Coordinator: Sandro Mazzariol, University of Padua (Italy)
  • SONORA | Filling the gap: Thresholds assessment and impact beyond acoustic pressure level linked to emerging blue-growth activities | Coordinator: Jaime Ramis Soriano, Universidad de Alicante (Spain)
  • PURE WIND | Impact of sound on marine ecosystems from offshore wind energy generation | Coordinator: Ana Širović, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, (Norway)

The projects will start their work by the end of 2022, as endorsed UN Ocean Decade projects.

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