BLUE BIO MED project: en route to the co-design of the Mediterranean Innovation Alliance

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST), through its participation in the Interreg MED project entitled BLUE BIO MED (BBM), attended the strategic project’s event held in Barcelona on the 7th and 8th of April 2022. This event was promoted and organized in collaboration with the B-BLUE project and the Blue Growth Thematic Community.

During the two-day event, the project continued building on the outcomes of the previous BBM events (hybrid event in Ferrara on the 18-19 of November 2021 and online on the 17 of February 2022), focusing on the co-design of the Mediterranean Innovation Alliance for Sustainable Blue Bioeconomy (MedIA-SBBE). Indeed, the ultimate goal of the BBM project is to support the process of strengthening and developing multilateral coordination frameworks in the Mediterranean for joint responses to common challenges. The Innovation Alliance would benefit the members of the Mediterranean Blue Bioeconomy community (e.g., public authorities, research organizations and academia, business, and civil society) to tackle important challenges, such as the recovery of marine litter - a key point which was discussed extensively during this event.

In Barcelona, presentations on research, opportunities, actions, and transnational governance in the Mediterranean basin were delivered, with particular attention to the challenge of macroplastics pollution. Indeed, project partners and stakeholders present emphasised that promoting innovation and collaboration between local communities, research institutions and industries found on all shores of the Mediterranean, can allow for better tackling of this problem.

Practical workshops bringing together BBM project partners as well as other stakeholders, such as public institutions, NGOs and academia were organized, focusing on macroplastics also aiming at co-designing the MedIA-SBBE. Through this collaborative process, attendees collectively identified possible options for the MedIA-SBBE’s governance features. Participants explored and gave suggestions on how the MedIA-SBBE could be structured (e.g., necessary bodies, juridical status of the participants, memberships, etc.) and how it could relate to other existing networks/initiatives. These practical sessions clearly highlighted and inspired the importance of working together towards the same goal.

Through its participation in the BBM project, the Malta Council for Science and Technology aims to contribute towards Malta’s current and upcoming commitments in the blue bioeconomy sector. Moreover, the BBM project will assist in streamlining and harmonizing Maltas current commitments on a Mediterranean scale, increasing synergies and multilateral cooperation with respect to research and innovation. This will continue to be implemented, after the end of the project, through MCST’s involvement in the MedIA-SBBE.

The Mediterranean Innovation Alliance, intended as an open platform, will enhance and streamline the efforts - ongoing both at transnational and territorial levels - to build on innovation to move towards sustainable development in the blue bioeconomy.

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Information source: MCST, photo credits: CREDA.


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