Celebrating World Oceans Day

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Every year, the United Nations marks this important day by assigning a specific theme to raise awareness about the importance of the ocean as a life source amongst citizens from all around the world.

This year’s theme will be “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean”. But how is the world doing this?

There are several ongoing and upcoming initiatives that are feeding into this theme.

JPI Oceans

JPI Oceans is a pan-European intergovernmental platform that strives to increase the efficiency and impact of research and innovation for sustainably healthy and productive seas and oceans. It aligns national priorities and investments to initiate, nurture and/or push forward scoping actions into fully-fledged joint actions, including the ERA-NET Cofunds Blue Bioeconomy and MarTERA (marine and maritime technologies). The current joint actions can be found here.

JPI Oceans is also involved in a number of strategic engagements, including the UN Ocean Decade and in the upcoming Horizon Europe Partnership on the Sustainable Blue Economy (mentioned below).

Upcoming Horizon Europe Partnership on Sustainable Blue Economy

The Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership (SBEP) aims to design, steer and support a just and inclusive transition to a regenerative, resilient and sustainable blue economy, boosting the transformation needed towards a climate-neutral, sustainable, productive and competitive EU by 2030.

The SBEP will deliver solutions to strengthen EU and international science-policy interfaces in marine- and maritime-related domains of the EU Green Deal and Digital Europe strategies through aligning national, regional and EU R&I priorities bringing together science, industry, policy and society. It will also contribute to accelerate the post-pandemic recovery and resilience. In line with the EC new approach for a sustainable blue economy in the EU, the SBEP rolls-out impact pathways to: catalyse the transformation of ocean economy value chains; deliver ocean knowledge and impact-driven R&I solutions; cooperate to respond to international, EU and national regulations, recommendations and policy strategies; contribute to the social and digital transition by developing innovative governance frameworks that benefit coastal communities, including by reinforcing skills and enhance ocean observation capacity contributing to EOOS and GEOSS.

59 partners from 25 countries (MS and AC) together with the EC will join an unprecedent effort to pool R&I investments, aligning programmes at pan-European scale.

The ambition is to launch 6 co-funded calls over a seven-year timeframe to support R&I joint programming on thematic priority areas of interventions stemming from a co-designed SRIA. The SBEP will also identify additional mechanisms for alignment and look for further economic support of R&I programs leveraging other funding and finance streams. In parallel, a long-term structuring ambition will support the creation of a community of practice, fostering co-creation, coordinating all relevant initiatives at sea-basins/Atlantic ocean level and further promoting the EU blue economy at global level.

Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030 

The EU Missions aim to tackle societal challenges with systemic solutions, leading to societal transformations and social impact. They are indeed a facilitator to deliver key EU policy priorities, including the marine and freshwater targets of the European Green Deal, such as protecting 30% of the EU’s sea area and restoring marine ecosystems and 25,000 km of free-flowing rivers.

As one of its objectives, the Mission will prevent and eliminate pollution by, for example, reducing plastic litter at sea, nutrient losses and use of chemical pesticides by 50% and it will also contribute to make the blue economy climate-neutral and circular with net-zero maritime emissions.

The Funding and Tenders portal contains information on different Calls related to this Mission that are open until the 27th September 2022 (17:00 Brussels time).

BlueMed Initiative

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