Cities to Accelerate Clean Energy Urban Solutions


The Mission launched an open call for cities to join the Urban Transitions Mission City cohort. A first cohort of 50 cities will be identified by the end of 2022, while a second cohort of 250 cities will follow by 2024. A robust methodology in the selection process will ensure the readiness and commitment of cities to engage as frontrunners in innovation to support and accelerate the Mission goals. 

Cities are invited to apply online and express their interest to join the Mission’s cohort by the 29th of October through a brief questionnaire reflecting the assessment criteria, which can be found on the Global Covenant of Mayors, MI Urban Transitions Mission and partner websites. This provides further information on the value proposition for cities, their expected commitment, an info pack on the selection process, and FAQs.

Read the Info Pack by clicking here.

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Urban Transitions Mission
Call Deadline: 
Saturday, October 29, 2022
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