Innovation Fund - Consultation on Project Pipeline for LSC 2022 in the Context of the RePowerEU Plan

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The European Commission presented REPowerEU Plan, with specific actions to rapidly reduce EU’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels and fast forward the green transition.

In this plan, the Commission has proposed to bring forward the implementation of the Innovation Fund. Specifically, the Commission will double the funding available for the 2022 Large Scale Call of the Innovation Fund this autumn to around EUR 3 billion.

Apart from the general call for proposals, three ‘specific REPowerEU windows will be supported:

(1) innovative electrification and hydrogen applications in industry,

(2) innovative clean tech manufacturing (such as electrolysers and fuel cells, innovative renewable equipment, energy storage or heat pumps for industrial uses)

(3) mid-sized pilot projects for validating, testing and optimising highly innovative solutions’.

Of note is window (3) which concerns projects aimed to validate, test and optimise technology performance in relevant or operational environments at a scale smaller than necessary for commercial production (TRL 6 and 7).

Eligible technologies include all sectors in the Innovation Fund, i.e. energy intensive industry sectors, carbon capture, utilisation and storage applications (CCUS), innovative renewable energy technologies and energy storage (valley of death between concept proofing and commercial-scale plants).

DG CLIMA is carrying out a consultation with industry in view of the upcoming third call for Large Scale Projects, specifically in relation to the RePowerEU windows (2) and (3).

The aim is for the European Commission to get an indication of the available project pipeline, gauging on the industry’s interest and readiness to apply for funding in specific thematic areas, specifically in clean technology manufacturing and pilots for deep decarbonisation technologies.

Such consultation is being made through this: survey. We encourage  you to participate and submit through the website itself by 18th June 2022.

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