ESFRI Stakeholder Platform Expression of Interest

Friday, August 26, 2022

The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) was established in 2002, with a mandate from the EU Council to support a coherent and strategy-led approach to policymaking on research infrastructures in Europe. Large-scale European infrastructures are critical for equipping Europe with the capacity and critical mass to retain a leading position on the global stage and extend its international outreach.

In order to increase ESFRI’s outreach to various communities and strengthen the engagement of various stakeholders, new communication tools were established over the years. Open sessions were introduced to the ESFRI forum meetings in 2021, to allow for two-way communication between ESFRI and selected stakeholders on predefined topics. ESFRI holds Open Sessions at its forums twice a year, to communicate to a wider audience about its activities and the activities of research infrastructures in the different domains of ESFRI. The Open Sessions presentations are recorded and made available on ESFRI Communication channels (ESFRI YouTube channel).

An ESFRI Stakeholder Forum was launched in early 2022, and stakeholders are invited to register on the ESFRI Stakeholders Forum platform. The platform is being developed with the aim of providing dedicated services to engage actors (such as researchers, educators, policymakers, citizens, businesses, and others who are potential users of research infrastructures) and facilitate discussion among them.

If you are interested to participate in the dialogue about Research Infrastructures in Europe and their future, exchange views and network, you are invited to fill out the Expression of Interest form. Detailed information about how the platform will work and how stakeholders can participate in discussions will be available in due course. 

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