European Transport Conference 2024

European Transport Conference 2024
Wednesday, September 18, 2024

This year’s sessions will address relevant themes for the transport policy agenda throughout Europe and worldwide – from a research, policy or practice angle.

Human wellbeing – healthy, efficient, safe and inclusive transport schemes for current and future generations

Sustainable travel – shaping daily travel and long-distance trips in the face of climate change and energy transition

Mode-specific and inter-modal aspects – local bus, tram and train, taxis, micro-mobility and active travel, private car with long-distance rail and bus, Mobility as a Service, integrated logistics, last-mile delivery and Enterprise Resource Planning

Labour, resource and energy challenges – supply constraints in freight and passenger transport

Regulatory issues – impacts of international, national and local legislation, and regulations on infrastructure and services

Funding and appraisal – (social) costs and benefits, sustainable investments and ex post evaluation

Cities and transport – integrated planning, active travel, liveable cities

Transport planning analysis and models – the methods and the tools for this century

Air travel and airports – moving towards a more environmentally sustainable and commercially viable future

Technology and Artificial Intelligence – how can and will these shape transport in the future?

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