Interreg Euro-MED Course Promoting Innovation for Sustainability Transitions in the Mediterranean

The “Promoting innovation for sustainability transitions in the MED: an introduction” course, which will be taught by Tatiana Fernandez, from the Generalitat de Catalunya, Elvira Gonzalez Gago from Research4Consuling and Elisabetta Marinelli from Policy-Research Interface. 

Together, we have nearly 60 years of experience in innovation, regional development, social and employment in policy in regional, national and international contexts. In this course we want to provide our view in relation to possibly the most pressing policy issue of our time: the transition towards sustainability. As professionals, policy makers and citizens we are being asked to direct our efforts to address environmental and social challenges. We are all fully aware of how urgent and important the situation, yet we feel still unable to act appropriately. 

This course addresses these questions from the perspective of policy practitioners and with a focus on the Mediterranean, answering questions such as: 

What are sustainability transitions and what is the role of innovation policy within them? 
How can we frame them conceptually in a way that helps policy making?
How can we drive sustainability transitions in the Mediterranean? 
What does it all mean for regional policies? 
And in particular for Smart Specialisation Strategies? 

We are moving in high uncertainty and high complexity, what we need are ideas, heuristics and the space to experiment. With this course, you will better equipped to move in this space and manage policy processes.

The MOOC starts the 28 February and we recommend that you have completed the two first modules (see link below) before taking part in the first live session that will take place on 14 of March; we also recommend that you have completed the four modules before participating in the second live session on 4 April.

To view modules and further details please visit the below link.

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Interreg Euro-MED Academy
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Application Deadline: 
Monday, February 28, 2022
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