JPI Oceans Art and Photo Awards

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Celebrating 10 years of JPI Oceans, we are pleased to announce the Art & Photo Awards, honouring our marine environment and the scientists working tirelessly to ensure its health and productivity.  

Art and photography are vital to close the emotional gap between society and our marine environment. With these Awards, JPI Oceans wishes to bolster the role of visual arts in tackling the challenge of communicating about the Earth's largest ecosystem. We therefore welcome entries addressing the three interconnected priority areas of JPI Oceans: Ocean Health, Ocean Productivity, and Ocean Stewardship & Governance.

The competition is organized in two categories: the open competition and the JPI Oceans projects competition. For each category, a top three will be selected with the winner being awarded a prize of - €1000. The two runner-ups will each be awarded a prize of €500.

The competition is OPEN NOW!

Deadline for submissions via the awards entry page: 20 December 2021

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