LIFE programme 2021-2027


The LIFE programme – the EU’s funding instrument for the Environment and Climate Action has been launched on 21 May 2022. The LIFE programme 2021-2027 is currently divided into four sub-programmes as follows:

Nature and Biodiversity:

The Nature and Biodiversity sub-programme will aim at the protection and restoration of Europe’s nature and halting and reversing biodiversity loss. Thus, the LIFE Nature and Biodiversity sub-programme will continue to fund nature conservation projects, particularly in the areas of biodiversity, habitats and species. It will support projects that contribute to the implementation of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives, and in particular; the development and management of the Natura 2000 network and the IAS Regulation and will support achieving the objectives of the EU’s biodiversity strategy for 2030; part of the EU Green Deal.

Circular Economy and Quality of Life:

The Circular Economy and Quality of Life sub-programme aims at facilitating the transition toward a sustainable, circular, toxic-free, energy-efficient and climate-resilient economy and at protecting, restoring and improving the quality of the environment, either through direct interventions or by supporting the integration of those objectives in other policies.

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation:

The Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation sub-programme will contribute to the shift towards a sustainable, energy-efficient, renewable energy-based, climate-neutral and resilient economy, thereby contributing to sustainable development.

  • Climate Change Mitigation:

        Co-finances projects in the areas of farming, land use, peatland management, renewable energies and energy efficiency.

  •  Climate Change Adaptation:

       Co-finances projects in the areas of urban adaptation and land-use planning, resilience of infrastructure, sustainable management of water in drought-prone areas, flood and coastal management, resilience of the agricultural, forestry and tourism sectors, and/or support to the EU's outermost regions: preparedness for extreme weather events, notably in coastal areas.

Clean Energy Transition:

The LIFE Clean Energy Transition sub-programme continues to support the delivery of EU policies in the field of sustainable energy, in particular; the EU Green Deal, the Energy Union (2030 energy and climate targets) and the European Union’s 2050 long-term decarbonisation strategy.

Deadlines to submit your proposal:

LIFE Calls for proposals 2022 submission deadlines:

  •  Standard Action Projects (SAPs) for Circular Economy and Quality of Life, Nature and Biodiversity, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation sub-programmes: 4th  October 2022
  • LIFE Action Grants for Clean Energy Transition sub-programme: 16th  November 2022
  • Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs) and Strategic Nature Projects (SNAPs):
    • Concept Notes: 8th September 2022
    • Full Proposals: 30th March 2023
  • Technical Assistance preparation for SIPs and SNAPs: 8th September 2022

 The National Contact Point for Malta, within the Ministry for Environment, Energy and Enterprise is inviting all interested parties to discuss any potential actions.  In this regard, you are solicited to contact the LIFE team on to set a meeting and discuss further any project proposals.

Information and presentation source: The Ministry for Environment, Energy and Enterprise
Call Deadline: 
Thursday, March 30, 2023
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