Mediwarn Project - €1.5 million funds creation of an intelligent warning system for patient care

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

When caring for patients with a critical condition, medical staff need to be able to continuously monitor their vital functions. Thanks to the MEDIWARN project, a joint collaboration between the Policlinico Vittorio Emanuele University Hospital and the University of Malta, a continuous monitoring system with an integrated intelligent warning system will allow nursing staff to monitor these functions without having to physically be at the bedside at all times. 

The MEDIWARN project is one of the projects sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund, chosen through the Interreg Italia-Malta. As such, it is a collaboration between the University of Catania (through the Faculty of Engineering), the University of Malta (through the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery), and the Azienda Ospedaliero - Universitaria Policlinico "G. Rodolico - San Marco" in Catania. The project commenced in May 2018, and is now in its concluding phase. 

The improved warning system includes the use of advanced fuzzy logic to predict when a patient would be about to deteriorate clinically. Hence, the MEDIWARN system would alert nurses and physicians so that they can intervene at an earlier stage, with a higher chance of success of treating a patient and prevent such potentially harmful events. Research shows that in recent years the occupancy rate of the beds has increased, unless there is adjustment of thow the nursing staff care for each patient, it is inevitable to have a decline in the standard of care. 

Physicians in Malta and Catania have developed this system together with engineers in Catania. Using clinical expertise, the system interprets clinical parameters to give a score that shows the likelihood of a harmful event. MEDIWARN has been trialled both locally and at Catania, for feasibility and practicality. Analysis of these trials is ongoing and looks to be promising. The innovative monitoring system will acquire, in real time, the vital parameters of patients through the use of a peripheral sensory system as the computer assigned to the ward, equipped with artificial intelligence, will provide a picture of the evolution of the patient's clinical status., furthermore this information will also be sent to mobile media (tablets) in the possession of medical personnel.

The research progress was presented at a press conference held on 29 September, 2021, where representatives from the University, Mater Dei and other stakeholders were present.

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