New EU Funding Schemes: How can you benefit?

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Following a fresh injection of €40M + of EU Funding being made available for private companies, The Malta Chamber, in collaboration with EMCS Advisory (a leading consultancy firm on EU Funding), and the Malta Business Bureau, are pleased to present these new EU funded schemes together with the Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds, Chris Bonett for the first time. The launch of these new EU Funded Schemes will result in circa €75M of EU Funding currently available for the private sector.  
During this event, information will be given as to how businesses can access this funding and present successful applications. This will be an interactive session during which real life case studies will be presented and the dos and don’ts of a successful application discussed.
The session will be led by Alison Mizzi (Director- EU Advisory, EMCS) who is a leading expert on all that is related to EU funding and is one of the main authors of the 2021-2027 EU funding programme for Malta.
From this session it is expected that you acquire a good overview of the type of investment that can be eligible for EU funding and what are the key ingredients of a successful application.

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