Support Scheme for Research and Innovation Projects in the Fields of Energy and Water – 2022


The Energy and Water Agency will once again run it Research and Innovation in Energy and Water Grant Scheme. This will be the third call and the aim still remains, to address National Policies and address sectoral problems. This year, the scheme will be taking projects in specific focus areas.

The call will be open for applications as from the 6th of June and close on the 2nd of September and the scheme has undergone some structural changes.

The scheme is also looking to produce more tangible results by changing the TRL level requirement by requiring any project that will benefit of the scheme to reach TRL level 7 and also produce a prototype or model in a suitable environment. This change in structure was erected as it will help demonstrate better what R&I is capable of and why R&I is a necessary tool to achieve sustainability.

Another notable change is that the budget of the scheme has increased from €120,000 to €200,000.  Applicants this year must also apply as a consortium.

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Information and logo source:
The Energy & Water Agency, Malta
Call Deadline: 
Friday, September 2, 2022
Further Information:
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