TRANSVAC - European Vaccine Research Infrastructure - Call for Services


What types of application is TRANSVAC looking for?

TRANSVAC seeks to support vaccine-related projects currently in the preclinical phase of development. 

TRANSVAC’s goal is to further support and accelerate vaccine-related projects by providing access to the services and expertise contained within the TRANSVAC Infrastructure. Most technologies and experience are thereby free of charge. All Intellectual Property generated by the project will remain the ownership of the User, unless indicated otherwise prior to starting work within TRANSVAC. Under the EC rules, the User must be able to make the work performed within TRANSVAC public.

These services are not restricted to any disease area and will be offered free of charge, with few exceptions. Researchers working on vaccine candidates and/or adjuvants at different stages of development in academia, research institutes, SMEs and industry can submit an application. Click link below to read further.

Information source:
TRANSVAC - Horizon 2020 Project
Call Deadline: 
Saturday, January 15, 2022
Further Information:
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