Trans-National On-Demand Access Actions

Friday, October 8, 2021

SHAREMED partners are launching this innovative initiative for practical marine research collaboration activities with Mediterranean institutions. This is a unique opportunity to boost your research by taking one or more offers that are presented in this Call for Transnational On-Demand Access. This will match you to a SHAREMED project partner and provide you with expertise, training and sharing of methodologies and operational models and systems. 

 The Transnational On-Demand Access actions are a major innovative and practical capitalisation endeavour through sub-projects offered by donors to Mediterranean recepients, consisting of doable joint actions to implement and set up systems at the recepient sites, or to train, or to undertake joint observations and assessments.

The Call for Transnational On-Demand Access will remain open until 8th November 2021 for the first phase and will open again in December 2021 for a second phase, if offers are not all taken already in the first phase, or newer offers are made available.

Activities for the first phase are scheduled to commence in December 2021 following a formal screening and selection process. The activities are expected to be executed by the first quarter of 2022.

For more detailed information and registration click here.

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