InnCoCells Project

Il-Ġimgħa, November 19, 2021

InnCoCells is a Horizon 2020 project launched in 2021 aiming to develop innovative plant-based production processes for the commercial exploitation of scientifically validated cosmetic ingredients using profitable and sustainable cell cultures, aeroponic cultivation, and greenhouse/field cultivation.

Plants are composed of millions of cells and each of those cells carries the same genetic information as the whole plant. This means in theory that whatever molecules can be made by whole plants can also be made by single cells. The cells can be cultivated aseptically in bioreactors to produce extracts or pure ingredients. However, the undifferentiated plant cells in bioreactors are sometimes unable to produce the same molecules as specialized cells in the whole plant, and it may be necessary to add extra components to the medium to persuade them. For example, we can add intermediates for conversion to the target molecules, or we can add elicitors that stimulate the cells to activate the target metabolic pathways. It may also be possible to engineer the cells to behave in different ways. The InnCoCells project will be testing cell suspension cultures derived from many different plants to see if we can produce the molecules that make the best cosmetic ingredients.

The InnCoCells consortium features 17 partners representing European academic and industrial leaders in the development of natural cosmetic ingredients.

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