INTENCIVE : Interreg Europe Project

Thursday, June 25, 2020

INTENCIVE project addresses the societal challenge of ageing society combined with decreasing population in rural and other remote areas. There is a dire need for new, accessible and user friendly models, practices and tools for providing different types of high quality health services accessible to all citizens not depending on their age or place of living. Combining technology to the different phases of service processes with emphasis on the customer orientation means re-thinking and re-planning the health services.

Objective of INTENCIVE project is to improve the implementation of policies and programmes in terms of health technology innovation-driven and customer-oriented health services in the partner regions and influence the ERDF Regional Operational Programs or Regional Strategies.

Partners from five regions conduct interregional exchange of experiences in the specific field and introduce into their policies of innovative technologies and services in e-health sector.

 Basis for the exchange of experience consist of state of the art evaluation, good practice evaluation against BIKVA-model, study visits and thematic workshops. INTENCIVE has an unique bottom-up and customer-oriented approach using the BIKVA-method developed for social services giving voice more directly to the citizens using services.

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