GELINA, the JRC Neutron Time-of-Flight Facility (EUFRAT)

GELINA is an intense pulsed white neutron source, driven by a 150 MeV linear electron accelerator and used for high-resolution neutron time-of-flight measurements. The facility covers a neutron energy range from thermal energy to 15 MeV, has a time resolution of less than 2 ns (FWHM) and serves an array of flight paths up to 400 m long on which as many as 10 experiments can be carried out simultaneously. GELINA also allows using the high-intensity neutron and gamma ray fields close to the neutron-producing target. The facility is designed for high-resolution cross section measurements in the resonance region. It can be used for studying a variety of nuclear technology and scientific applications, covering areas such as fundamental physics, astrophysics, material analysis, cultural heritage and archaeology, radiation-hard electronics development and radionuclide production for medical applications. Read further on the below link.

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Thursday, October 15, 2020
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