Urban Development Network webinars: Six building blocks to sustainable urban development

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The UDN webinars are aimed at providing insights on how to tackle the main challenges policy-makers face when designing and implementing sustainable urban development strategies as supported by Cohesion Policy.  
Following the structure of the Handbook, the UDN webinars will be composed of six sessions, each one focusing on one of the building blocks of the EU integrated approach to urban development:

  • 03 November: Strategy. Co-creating robust urban development strategies.
  • 09 November: Territorial focus. Defining the right spatial dimension for your urban strategy.
  • 13 November: Governance. Facilitating effective and inclusive decision-making.
  • 17 November: Integration. Achieving cross-sectorial integration.
  • 19 November: Funding. Multiple funding sources as the key for integration and sustainability.
  • 25 November: Monitoring. Measuring progress toward your goals.
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