INNOVLED - Locally Manufactured LED lighting.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Lighting design plays a key role in the functionality of sporting facilities. As well as providing illumination for players, officials and spectators, sports lighting must also fulfil various characteristics to optimise the quality of indoor and outdoor sports and recreation spaces. 

Altern Limited ( have, for the past couple of years, worked on INNOVLED, a project whose aim is to develop an LED floodlight for sports applications.  The project has been funded through FUSION, a research and innovation programm launched by MCST.  Altern brings in extensive expertise and experience within the sustainability and lighting industry, today offering a range of locally built LED lights.

In order to better understand the required characteristics of the product, the project team have worked with a number of local sports facilities to gain an insight into the lighting needs of different sites, as well as the current challenges faced.

Following in depth research into the lighting requirements for different sports, the design team used findings from multiple sited, to design a high-power LED floodlight which will satisfy lighting requirements and provide additional functionality. LEDs are ideal for sports applications as they have high light output to power ratios, have long lifetimes, require low maintenance and provide lighting instantly. They can also be closely controlled and programmed to vary light output depending on the particular use of the space, making them suitable for multi-use spaces such as sports halls used for conferences or events.

Over the past years, Altern has built and installed prototypes in selected sports facilities, and carried out in-depth monitoring, the findings from which have been used to further develop the luminaire and control system design. This shall ensure that INNOVLED luminaires meet all required characteristics and provide high quality sports and leisure facilities which can be enjoyed by participants, officials, spectators and building managers.

Through the concept of modularity, the INNOVLED can be a versatile and scalable, and Altern is using the knowledge and technology developed through INNOVLED, to launch additional high power lighting products for different applications.

Altern is a company based in Malta which specialises in sustainable energy services and solutions.  Altern can offer complete custom design and manufacturing of LED luminaires for different applications, with in-house expertise on digital lighting design and light manufacturing.

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