A Vegetarian Educator in a Meat Obsessed Country by Cassandra Sturgeon Delia

Friday, March 12, 2021

Food consumption is a result of a choice that is influenced by economic status, society, culture, psychosomatic elements (Bisogni et al., 2002) and religious factors (Dewan, 2017), creating an identity based on one’s beliefs (Mennell et al., 1992). Food is an element that brings society together (Germov and Williams, 2004); however, the vegetarian experience and emotions can be somewhat burdensome when living within a mainly meat culture.

Autoethnography was undertaken to understand the authors experience as a vegetarian living within a primarily meat consuming country. Moreover, by using the social cognitive theory (SCT), transtheoretical model (TTM) and ethical theory to address the vegetarian experience and emotions, the author analysis the motives for converting to vegetarianism and the experiences that came with behavioural change as an educator, as a citizen in society and as a member of a family.

The author is a full-time lecturer at Malta’s College for Art’s, Science and Technology (MCAST) and a PhD candidate with the University of Lancaster, researching technology-enhanced learning and e-research.

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Information and image source: MCAST

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