National Space Monitoring Report 2019 has been published

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

This National Space Monitoring Report follows on from the launch of Malta’s National Space Policy in 2017. The aim of this report, the first of its kind, is to identify the progress made in the implementation of the Space Policy in the period between its launch and the end of 2019.  The monitoring framework on which this report is based on a set of indicators which seek to capture the drive of each of the National Space Policy’s 4 dimensions, namely Educational Investments, Extended Opportunities, Economic Dimension and Essential Services.

The indicators were identified and formulated with the support of stakeholders, and data was collected directly from stakeholders and the National Statistics Office. The report identifies progress made as well as areas for possible improvement. This report represents an important first step in establishing a baseline for future monitoring, key Policy performance indicators and targets, as well as recommendations for Policy review.

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