National Institute of Chemistry of Slovenia looking for post-doctoral researchers

The National Institute of Chemistry of Slovenia is looking for post-doctoral researchers interested in developing a project proposal for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships scheme. Thematic areas: Synthetic biology – genome editing using CRISP, TALEs Bionanostructures – protein origami Cancer immunotherapy Signalling in innate immunity Supervisior: prof. dr. Roman Jerala Heterogeneously catalyzed selective oxidative dehydrogenation (ODH) of proprane to propylene using CO2 Supervisior: prof. dr. Albin Pintar 2 Catalytic Carbon Dioxide Activation and Conversion by Hydrogenation or Alkylation Direct Catalytic Methane Activation and Conversion to Aromatics and Alkenes Catalytic Cellulose, Hemicellulose and Lignin Conversion to Value-added Bio-based Chemicals Electrocatalytic Carbon Dioxide Activation and Reduction, Electrolysis and Fuel Cells Pharmaceutical Process Engineering and Design for Small Molecules and Biosimilars Supervisior: Prof. Dr. Blaž Likozar Possible topics for joint research are also in connection with keywords below: Spectrally selective paint coatings, high solar absorptivity coatings, cool coatings, flame retardants, electrochromic devices, dye synthesized solar cells, thermochromics coatings, ionic liquids, anticorrosion coatings, pigments surface modification, hydrophobic surfaces, oleophobic surfaces, electrolytes, antifouling coatings, self-healing coatings Supervisior: prof. dr. Ivan Jerman If you are interested in the above themes, please submit an Expression of interest ( CV and description of your research area) to mail: or More information about the institute is available on More information about the call: MSCA IF is a proposal applying for the financial mechanisms of the European Commisison. The application must be developed jointly by the researcher and the supervisor. The cost covered for the period of working for MSCA IF project are around 4000,00 EUR living allowance ( brutto), 600,00 EUR mobility allowance and 500,00 EUR family allowance per month.

National Institute of Chemistry of Slovenia
Application Deadline: 
Wednesday, September 14, 2016
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