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4th Call for Modular Projects - Restricted for Transfer and Mainstream Projects

Source of Funding:

The Interreg MED Programme is pleased to announce that the 4th call for modular projects is open from the 1st October 2020 at noon (metropolitan France local time) to the 15th of December 2020 at noon (metropolitan France local time).

This call is targeted to the programme priority axis 2, S.O.2.1. Energy efficiency in buildings and S.O.2.2. Renewable Energy and restricted to the transfer or mainstreaming of shortlisted outputs of finalised Interreg MED projects.

For a detailed description of objectives and contents of the Call, possible types of activities, partnership composition and the list of shortlisted outputs eligible to capitalise on, please refer to the relevant Terms of Reference.


The indicative financial allocation for this call is about 4M€ (ERDF + IPA + national co-financing). The final allocation is subject to further decisions of the Interreg MED Programme Steering Committee.