€200,000 allocated to help local entities tap in Horizon Europe Funding under 5 Schemes

€200,000 allocated to help local entities tap in Horizon Europe Funding
Wednesday, March 13, 2024

The Malta Council for Science and Technology has launched five support schemes to encourage local companies, academics and researchers tap millions in EU funding for research and development. 

The schemes all seek to increase Malta's participation in Horizon Europe, the largest research and innovation programme in Europe.

Addressing  a news conference, Parliamentary Secretary Keith Azzopardi Tanti said the schemes are:

  • ERC Support Scheme – offering researchers the opportunity, and helping them, to access funds from the European Research Council;
  • Horizon Europe Networking Support Scheme – interested parties will be given funds to attend Horizon Europe networking events;
  • Horizon Internationalisation Partnership Award Scheme – offering support to Maltese entities that want to submit proposals for funds as coordinators of projects under Horizon Europe;
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Training Scheme for Incoming Postdocs to Malta – covers the travelling expenses for post-doctoral researchers who would be collaborating with a Maltese entity in a Horizon Europe project under the Marie Curie Fellowships; and
  • European Innovation Council Support Scheme – offering support to those applying for funds under Horizon Europe’s European Council for Innovation programme.

These schemes, for which €200,000 have been allocated, would ensure an increased participation by Malta, Azzopardi Tanti said.

He said that in the first three years of the programme, Maltese entities received nearly €38 million in funds.

More information about the schemes can be found here.

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