Blue Skills: Summer School 2024

Transformative pathways to sustainability in the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean: learning across emerging tools and technologies


In the context of the ecological transition  and digital transformation, there are several opportunities in the blue economy sectors in the Mediterranean. Local governments should take advantage and raise awareness of such potential and work more closely with the industry and the private sectors to develop more innovative models to maximize job opportunities. Thus ensuring the sustainability of the blue economy sectors, moving towards a circular economy and protecting biodiversity and ecosystems while increasing income and developing local economies. It is therefore crucial to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to meet the complex challenges of the future at different levels. From local to national to regional levels.

The summer school is focused on transformative pathways to sustainability in the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean. It covers multidisciplinary fields related to the marine and maritime sectors, providing both theoretical insights, practical applications and technological trends.

In addition, the summer school  strengthens scientific dialogue and cooperation through the instrument  of science diplomacy, by promoting partnerships and networking amongst individuals, institutions and countries for the benefit of the whole region. 

It  is organised within the framework of the Western Mediterranean Forum, the 5+5 Dialogue for research, innovation and higher education,  with the aim to train  young researchers and promising talents from the five EU Member States (France, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain) and the five Arab Maghreb countries (Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia).

Specific objectives of the summer school are: 

  • Identifying  relevant soft and transversal blue skills needed by the labour market: adapting to new labour market skills needs;
  • Identifying and addressing skills gaps by working closely with the private sector to promote innovation;
  • Reskilling and up-skilling young talents with methodological approach and innovative tools to help developing sustainable blue economy and ocean governance in the Mediterranean region;
  • Exposing trainees on  necessary skill sets, considering the challenges and the opportunities of the twin green and digital transition for the sustainable blue economy;
  • Strengthening science diplomacy through partnerships and cooperation in order to plan joint activities and projects at regional level.

Course Dates: 10-14 June 2024
Application deadline: 3rd of March 12 PM (CET)

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Information and image source:
OGS - National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics
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Application Deadline: 
Sunday, March 3, 2024
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