Harnessing Talent in Europe: a new boost for EU Regions

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Europe's got talent. But talent needs to be nurtured, especially as the EU is going through important demographic transition. This is even more needed in regions that suffer from a shrinking labour force and a low share of persons with a tertiary education, and in regions hit by the departure of young people.

If left unaddressed, this transition will trigger new and growing territorial disparities as regions age and fall behind in number and skills of their workforce. It can change Europe's demographic landscapes hampering the resilience and competitiveness of the EU.

Ensuring that regions facing a talent development trap become more resilient and attractive is crucial in the EU's commitment of leaving nobody and no place behind.

This is why the Commission is launching the ‘Talent Booster Mechanism'. This Mechanism will support EU regions affected by the accelerated decline of their working age population to train, retain and attract the people, the skills and the competences needed to address the impact of the demographic transition.

The Mechanism is presented in today's Communication on Harnessing Talent in Europe's Regions and is the first key initiative in 2023 contributing to the European Year of Skills as proposed by the Commission, which aims to bring a fresh impetus for re- and upskilling. The Communication offers tailor-made, place based and multi-dimensional solutions, including the use of existing EU funds and initiatives to support regions most affected by the ongoing demographic transition and its side-effects and prevent the emergence of new and increased territorial disparities in the EU.

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