InnoBuyer Call - Fast Track to Innovation Procurement


In a world of never-ending changes, your organisation's capacity to quickly answer to new challenges is key for its success. But these challenges can be so specific that you may not have the expertise and resources to address them, nor find a suitable external solution for your need. This is when you consider looking for an innovator to co-develop a new solution. And with this approach, a set of questions arises:

  • How do you define and describe your challenge to ensure it is properly understood by the innovator?
  • How do you find innovative companies with the best expertise and resources to solve your problem?
  • How do you monitor and evaluate the innovators’ progress?
  • And if you manage to co-develop a good solution, how do you conceptualize and create Terms or Reference for a simplified Innovation Procurement?

InnoBuyer programme will fund activities under four different actions. The Challengers selected to take part in the programme will get support from the InnoBuyer consortium to further define their unmet needs and translate them into a challenge (Action 1), that can be launched in a call for innovation suppliers/Solvers.

Once the best Solver for each particular challenge gets selected (Action 2), Challengers and Solvers will co-create and pilot an innovative solution (Action 3). If by the end of the process the solution shows promising results, Challengers will receive support to launch an innovation procurement procedure  (Action 4) for the wide adoption of the solution.

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European Union
Call Deadline: 
Friday, March 31, 2023
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