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The Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans) is a pan-European intergovernmental platform that strives to increase efficiency and impact of national investments in marine and maritime research and innovation. JPI Oceans focuses on long-term collaboration between EU Member States, Associated Countries and international partners and adds to the value of national research and innovation investments by aligning national priorities, addressing them with Joint Actions and amplifying impact through strategic engagements.

JPI Oceans is involved in two major initiatives of the EU Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. In the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership*, JPI Oceans is a partner with responsibilities in communication, outreach, community building, capacity enhancement and ocean literacy. In the Coordination and Support Action (CSA) PREP4BLUE in service of the Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters’, JPI Oceans has roles in engaging communities and innovating funding mechanisms.

The JPI Oceans secretariat is looking for a science policy adviser in support of its tasks and activities, with a focus on the abovementioned Horizon Europe initiatives, taking over from a colleague who is moving to a different role in the Partnership.

Key Responsibilities

The design of your portfolio of responsibilities will include a broad range of aspects, which may evolve over time along with JPI Oceans’ array of changing Joint Actions and project involvements. 

  • Coordinate the communication responsibilities in the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership. Your main roles will be to:
    • implement the communication, dissemination and outreach strategy;
    • engage the blue economy community through events and symposia, stakeholder tool, and other activities;
    • enhance vivid communication routines and explore innovative communication tools
    • develop ocean literacy and human capacity building activities.
  • Support the implementation of the Horizon Europe project PREP4BLUE, which focuses on the implementation of the research & innovation core for the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters.  
  • Facilitate the implementation of JPI Oceans’ thematic Joint Actions and Strategic Engagements. A main role may be to support JPI Oceans member countries in the initiation, evaluation and management of joint calls for research and innovation proposals.  
  • Prepare reports, background notes and policy documents;
  • Represent and present JPI Oceans and the above Horizon Europe initiatives at international meetings and conferences. 

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JPI Oceans
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Wednesday, July 31, 2024
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