NEMO Open Call #2

NEMO Open Call #2

NEMO announces Open Call #2, which aims to validate user acceptance and boost NEMO massive adoption and sustainability. NEMO Open Call #2 invites EU based SMEs to extend the NEMO use cases by porting their new or existing applications and services into the NEMO meta-OS, in the verticals of the NEMO Living Labs. The proposed applications should leverage NEMO capabilities and demonstrate the meta-OS potential in satisfying high-demanding requirements, including (but not limited to):

  • High device heterogeneity, including low-capable IoT devices

  • On-device machine learning

  • Low latency & high bandwidth

  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced energy footprint of IT operations

  • Sustainable IT investments through data, resource and/or service monetization

The open call will have three phases:

  1. DESIGN (2 months duration) allowing the applicant to fine-tune their application concept.
  2. EXPERIMENT (6 months duration) allowing the applicant to develop the proposed meta-OS application providing an MVP.
  3. GROWTH (1 month duration) allowing the applicant to promote and exploit their project, aiming to engage new customers and/or partners and/or investors.

The total amount of funding that each SME will receive is up to €90,000, while the total funding that will be provided is €900,000.

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Saturday, August 31, 2024
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