Reach High II Scholars Programme 2023

The aim of Reach High II is to provide recently graduated doctoral students the opportunity to propose research projects with Higher Education Institution in Europe within a varied set of prioritized fields. Selected research projects will be provided with a Post-Doctorate Research Grant. The research grants are intended to help build research clusters of excellence in areas that complement the National Research and Innovation strategy.

The Reach High II Scholarships Project will continue contributing towards the attainment of Malta’s national targets in increasing the number of participants pursuing and succeeding in post-Doc research. Higher education is essential for society as it helps to foster innovation, increases economic development and growth, and improves wellbeing of citizens.  

The Reach High II Scheme which aims to address the above objectives may be co-funded by the European Social Fund Plus.

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Reach High II Scholarships Project
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Application Deadline: 
Friday, December 1, 2023
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