Restore4Life Call for Associated Regions


Restore4Life project are looking for at least 5 Associated Regions1 that we can provide with technical assistance to use the outcomes and knowledge of Restore4Life to prepare roadmaps, plans, and projects to restore wetland ecosystems in their region.

The aim is to share the results and knowledge of the project on an ongoing basis with the selected ‘associated regions’ and to provide them with scientific and technical support for the implementation of wetland restoration solutions in their territory. This will involve the twinning of each Associated Region with a similar demonstration site and the provision of technical advisory services necessary to prepare roadmaps, plans and projects to restore ecosystems in the associated regions addressing possible barriers and showing the feasibility of implementing innovative solutions.

To achieve this, we will implement special formats, interactive workshops and a platform for twinning activities to continuously share Restore4Life outcomes and knowledge. All developed tools and restoration measures will be fully open, usable, and made applicable to the Associated Regions.

By joining us as an Associated Region, you will have the opportunity to access our expertise, knowledge, and tools to develop your own roadmap, plan, or project to restore wetland ecosystems in your region.

Eligibility Coutnries:

Funding Activities:

The grant each associated region can apply for is up to € 100,000.

List of type of activities that can receive financial: support:

  • Removal of channel and bank regulations for restoration of pristine conditions, biodiversity, and flood protection
  • Restoration of natural riverbed and meanders in canalised section of the river
  • Removal of invasive tree species from bogs
  • Restoration of riparian areas and biodiversity
  • Restoring/improving water circulation and connectivity of secondary channels and lakes at low water levels
  • Monitoring of existing / previous actions
  • Nature based solutions in rivers and floodplains
  • River dynamics improvement
  • Citizen involvement

This call will open on 1 February 2024 and application deadline is scheduled for 29 May 2024. Visit the below link for further information.

An Information session will be held on 15 December 2023.

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Call Deadline: 
Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Further Information:
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