Innovative and transformative capacity building for sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean (Summer School 2023)

Sustainable development underpinned by a blue economy is a shared vision for the Mediterranean area and is of concern to both North and South-Mediterranean countries. The vision of a sustainable blue economy is based on the recognition of both the vulnerabilities and potential for growth of seas and oceans. It promotes smart solutions for marine and maritime challenges within the framework of sustainable development.

Sustainable management of the marine environment requires professionals which are trained with the adequate knowledge and skills in multidisciplinary fields related to marine sciences, and with the capacity to transfer such knowledge and skills to future generations. The topics of both the summer school and advanced training will be addressed both through theoretical findings and practical applications. Their crucial role in marine policy implementation will be outlined.

The future of humanity depends on Ocean’s health and on our ability to manage it in a sustainable way. To make good decisions, capacity building in ocean sciences management is fundamental, and the summer school together with the training of trainers will provide a basis for its development and application.  

The goal of the summer school and training of trainers is to train  promising talents operating in the marine and maritime sectors and to foster networks and partnerships that can help to scale-up activities in support of a sustainable blue economy, including research, entrepreneurial and communication actions. 

Specific objectives of the summer school are: 

  • to identify relevant blue skills that are needed in the labour market for the development of sustainability in blue economy sectors in the Mediterranean region, 

  • to reskill and upskill the identified professional competences relevant for the development of sustainability in marine and maritime sectors and ocean governance in the Mediterranean region,

  • to provide the necessary skill set for blue economy experts, considering the challenges and the opportunities of the twin green and digital transition for the sustainable blue economy,

  • to equip young talents with soft and transversal skills through capacity-building activities.

Dates: 5 – 9 June 2023
Application deadline: 28th of February at 2 PM (CET)

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Application Deadline: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2023
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