SmartAgriHubs Webinar: Governance for Digital Innovation Hubs

Event Date: 21/04/2020


The webinar aims to help DIHs in the agri-food sector to identify the key elements they need to consider when setting up their governance

About this Event

Digital Innovation Hubs are a key driving force supporting the digital transformation of the agri-food sector. DIHs offer a one-stop-shop for the farming and (agri) business communities. But how can DIHs organize their operations and how should they involve stakeholders in this process to generate maximum value in the agri-food sector? Who decides on programs and priorities that the DIHs follow? These are all questions relating to DIH governance.

This SmartAgriHubs webinar aims to help DIHs in the agri-food sector to identify the key elements they need to consider when setting up their operations and governance structure. Digital Innovation Hubs will learn about: What are the elements that DIHs need to consider when setting up their operations and governance structure?; How is governance related to the strategic direction of the hub and policies in the region?; When should DIHs take these decisions and which partner(s) in the DIH should define the DIH structure?

Govert Gijsbers will discuss these questions in the webinar ‘Governance for Digital Innovation Hubs’ on 21 April, at 14:00-15:00 CET.

You can join the webinar by following this link:

About Govert Gijsbers:

Dr. Govert Gijsbers specializes in research and innovation policy, with a focus on foresight, monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment, applied in projects to specific sectors and technologies. His ongoing and recent activities include projects on innovation in manufacturing (‘smart industry’), biotechnology, and agri-food. Another subject area relates to the impact of technology on employment, labour markets, skills and jobs.He was leading a major European project on digital innovation for manufacturing SMEs as part of the EU I4MS initiative. Govert joined TNO in 2004 and is presently working as senior researcher and advisor at the TNO Strategy and Policy Group.


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Horizon 2020 for Maltese SMEs & Startups - Funding & SME Support Webinar

Event Date: 06/04/2020


Join the H2020 team on the 9th of April at 10.30am, as the Malta Council for Science and Technology will be organizing a webinar on funding and cooperation support for Maltese SMEs via Horizon 2020. 

There will also be a virtual matchmaking session so that you can find Maltese partners as well as foreign partners to collaborate on open calls.

Link to registration

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Open Access - An opportunity for Malta Closing Dissemination Event

Event Date: 03/04/2020


Join the Malta Council for Science and Technology today morning at 9 a.m. as the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Policy Support Facility will be publishing the recommendations for the development of a Maltese policy for Open Access to publications, research data and related issues. The COVID-19 pandemic crises shows the importance of open access to scientific information for everyone.

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Postponed to 23-25 September 2020: EIT RawMaterials Summit 2020

Event Date: 02/04/2020


Join the Global Innovation and Technology Summit in the Raw Materials Sector

Metals, minerals and advanced materials are vital for the EU economy and are the key enablers for the clean energy transition and future mobility. The sustainable management of natural resources and the shift to a green economy are essential in achieving a resource-efficient and competitive economy in Europe.

The EIT RawMaterials Summit 2020 will envision the future of the raw materials industry in line with the priorities of the EU Green Deal. The three-day event will address digitalisation and innovation in areas including the transition to green energy supply as well as the rising demand for raw materials and advanced materials for e-mobility.

Get your early bird pass via the link provided.

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EIT InnoEnergy Business Booster 2020

Event Date: 04/11/2020


On 4 and 5 November 2020, the EIT InnoEnergy Business Booster is coming to Berlin.

The EIT InnoEnergy Business Booster is an annual two-day international networking event that showcases 150+ sustainable energy technologies under one roof. It is the market place for sustainable energy innovations.

The Business Booster brings together more than 1 000 attendees from over 40 countries, consisting of start-ups, energy industry representatives, financial communities, policy makers and regulators. 

For more information, kindly access the link provided.

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EuroScience Open Forum - ESOF2020

Event Date: 03/09/2020


EuroScience and the Fondazione Internazionale Trieste announce that the 2020 edition of the EuroScience Open Forum will be rescheduled to take place from 2 to 6 Septemberin Trieste (Italy). The ESOF event, originally planned to take place from 5 to 9 July, has been postponed as a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic and the exceptional safety and prevention measures undertaken in Italy and in other countries around the world.

Further information on the organization of the ESOF2020 event and programme will be available in the coming weeks on the below link:

Information and image source:

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DIHNET Webinar: 'How can Digital Innovation Hubs help in times of COVID-19?'

Event Date: 25/03/2020


The outbreak and rapid spread of COVID-19 is putting public sector organisations through great challenges with local governments, public administrations, local health services particularly at the forefront of the crisis. If their efforts were further strengthened with the help of digital tools, they could be more effective in helping to slow the epidemic.

At the same time, many SMEs across the EU do not have access to the basic digital technologies needed for business continuity in this critical period. Digital Innovation Hubs are used to putting digital technology at work on real problems on the ground.

This why, with the help of the DIHNET Coordination and Support Action, we are inviting Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) to meet online on 25 March to discuss, among other topics, the immediate and longer-term needs of public sector organisations and SMEs due to COVID-19 and where digital tools / solutions could help in becoming more resilient. The DIH Community is invited to share their experience and tools during the webinar.

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Webinar - Horizon 2020 Secure Societies: Information and Consortia Building Even

Event Date: 26/03/2020


Register & Participate in the upcoming Secure Societies Brokerage Webinar:

Date: 26/03/2020

Time: 10:00 - 14:30


This event aims to give you details about forthcoming Horizon 2020 Secure Societies related call topics.

This free to attend event is organised by Innovate UK, the Knowledge Transfer Network, and Enterprise Europe Network.


Horizon 2020 is the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme with the 2020 Secure Societies Work Programme representing a budget of around €286million.


The event will provide delegates with the opportunity to:

  • Gather information on forthcoming 2020 Secure Societies call topics;
  • Hear from the SEREN4 Network and case studies from successful projects;
  • Discuss and refine your project ideas with potential partners;
  • Build collaborations and join H2020 consortia.


Calls to be covered:

All 2020 Secure Societies call topics – submission deadline 27 August 2020.

For full details of the calls please refer to the H2020 Secure Societies Work Programme.


Who should attend

The event is suitable for anyone with an interest in participating in European projects in the forthcoming 2020 Secure Societies related topics. Delegates from all European Member States are encouraged to attend the event.



Should you need any further information and support please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical enquiries: Viola Hay

Logistical enquiries: Poonam Phull


Other events of interest:

H2020 Secure Societies Info Day, 12 – 13 March 2020, Brussels

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Virtual Industry Strategy Meeting

Event Date: 25/03/2020


Stakeholder Capitalism in Disruptive Times

March 25, 10.00 CET – 21.30 CET*

March 26, 13.00 CET – 17.00 CET


*The digital programme will convene participants across multiple time zones. Participants will not be required to be connected for the full duration of these time slots.

The coronavirus outbreak has caused major disruptions to demand and supply around the world. In this context, a strong case can be made that the most resilient companies – which will recover faster and emerge stronger – will be those that have the trust of their key stakeholders and are committed to sustainable solutions for the long run. Stakeholder capitalism recognizes the role of business as a key to responding successfully to these disruptions and to identifying opportunities to provide profitable, sustainable and long-term solutions. How do we operate to address immediate disruptions like the coronavirus outbreak while, in parallel, remaining focused on the longer term, systemic transitions taking place in industry?

The World Economic Forum’s Industry Strategy Officers community is a group of senior executives chosen by their companies to contribute to shaping industry and global agendas. Some 250 industry strategy officers will convene virtually on the Forum’s digital platform under the theme, Stakeholder Capitalism in Disruptive Times.

The programme is designed to be timely and relevant, providing highly useful content on the current state of industry and the global implications of the coronavirus outbreak. Digital sessions will allow participants to jointly explore how industries can shift from managing disruption to pioneering new stakeholder capitalism models, and identify critical interfaces where sectors can work together for economic and societal benefit.

In this regard, six imperatives will shape the industry agenda:

Economic Imperative: How can we build better business models that provide profitable, sustainable and long-term solutions?

Ecological Imperative: How can industries and markets adapt to ensure long-term viability and sustainability?

Industry Imperative: What are the future business models that will create, distribute and capture sustainable value?

Geopolitical Imperative: How can leaders build resilience in their business in times of geopolitical disruption?

Societal Imperative: How can business prepare for and respond to the impact of climate and health risks on society?

Technological Imperative: How do we leverage technology and new digital infrastructure to rethink business operations and business value propositions in a time of risking risks?

The virtual Industry Strategy Meeting 2020 is reserved for members of the Forum’s Strategy Officers Community and special guests.

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Host your meeting online! - Interreg Europe

Event Date: 13/03/2020



In this one hour webinar, we will share our experience on online meetings. Let us give you some tips and advice on how to organise and host digital events.

 There will be time for questions during the webinar and participants are also welcome to share their own experience. 





Time: 10:00 - 11:00 CET

 Type: Programme

 Tags: Webinarmeetingsinspirationinterregional cooperationInterreg Europe




In order to register for this webinar, you need to have an Interreg Europe online account. If you are not a member of the Interreg Europe community, then please create an account through the following link :

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European Week of Regions and Cities 2020

Event Date: 10/10/2020


The 2020 edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities (#EURegionsWeek) is coming up on 12-15 October in Brussels, Belgium.  The preparations for this 18th edition have already started.


 The main topics of 2020 are: 

  • Green Europe
  • Cohesion and cooperation (including also the celebration of 30 years of Interreg!)
  • Empowering citizens


Call for event partners is open

 #EURegionsWeek offers plenty of opportunities to actively contribute to the event and the agenda. Call for 'event partners' and session proposals is open until 27 March 2020. 

 You can propose different types of activities: 

  • EU Regions Talks (short 10-30-minute pitches by a single speaker);
  • Q&A sessions with experts (60 minutes focused on a specific issue);
  • Workshops (90 minutes with up to four speakers);
  • Participatory labs (90 minutes, interactive problem-solving or exchange of experience based sessions); or
  • Exhibition stands (focused on inspiring through interaction).

 More information and the online application form are available here.


 Interreg Europe project team up! 

#EURegionsWeek is an excellent opportunity to highlight your project results, promote your good practices, or share inspiration and experiences with peers from other regions. It is also a great chance to explore synergies with other projects working on similar matters. What better way to do so than by organising a joint activity? 


In 2020, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Interreg. Cooperation projects will be featured in the #EURegionsWeek programme. Make use of this opportunity, reach out to other projects and promote your results and lessons learned in a joint session! 

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5G Expo - Amsterdam

Event Date: 01/07/2020


5G Conference and Exhibition Word Series 2020 - Amsterdam 1-2 July 2020.

The world leading enterprise technology conference series would like to introduce the 5G Expo bringing together top-level content and discussion from across the globe. The 5G Expo World Series will explore Operational 5G including top level content and discussion covering topics such as 5G latency – network slicing – Enterprise benefits and challenges – collaborating 5G – IoT & Blockchain – Big Data & AI in 5G – the future of cybersecurity

The show prides itself on its industry leading speaker line-up and real-life examples & case studies within the dedicated conference tracks. Each event also hosts a free-to-attend exhibition which explores the latest technologies, hosts live demos and product launches, and invites conference attendees to exclusive networking areas and events during the show.

The show is co-located with the IoT Tech ExpoCyber Security & Cloud ExpoBlockchain Expo, and AI & Big Data Expo so you can explore 5 areas in 1 place, and discover how these key technologies are converging. There are a range of tickets available to attend from free expo passes to all-access conference and networking passes.

Other tickets available for additional features including the co-located conferences and networking opportunities.

This is the event to explore the future of enterprise technology.

Information and image source:

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H2020 Related Events Calendar - Now Published

Event Date: 06/03/2020


Networking, trainings, workshops... There are quite a few events targeting Horizon 2020 programme still planned for 2020.

Check out the calendar of the upcoming conferences, networking and brokerage events and save the dates in your calendar... check out the below link for the list of events

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Hackathons for Maritime projects!

Event Date: 03/03/2020


The WESTMED initiative has been developed to help public institutions, academia, local communities, small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs from both sides of the Western Mediterranean develop local and regional maritime projects together.

Towards this end, hackathons will be held on 11th March in Barcelona following the Union for the Mediterranean Regional Stakeholder Conference on the Blue Economy. The event is a half-day event which will be addressing a number of interesting areas namely:

  • Tourism Accelerator
  • Sustainable and Innovative Aquaculture (north-south/south-south exchange)
  • Innovation Platform on Maritime Technologies

The hackathons will be structured discussions on project ideas with a limited number of approximately 15 participants per session. The aim of the hackathons will be to discuss project idea concepts, identify relevant funding streams for the projects, as well as to design partnerships.

If you would like to attend you can register through the following link by March 05 2020. 

For any logistical questions, you can send an email to If you have any questions on any of the hackathons please do inform us so that we can assist accordingly.

Information provided by Mr George Bugeja - BLUEMED GSO Delegate (alternate)

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6th IEEE International Energy Conference

Event Date: 13/04/2020


The IEEE International Energy Conference (ENERGYCON) covers a broad range of electric power and energy systems topics, will continue the tradition of the past editions organized in Bahrain, Italy, Croatia, Belgium, and Cyprus. The 6th edition of the conference will take place in one of the beautiful Mediterranean countries, Tunisia, known for its golden beaches, sunny weather and affordable luxuries, on April 13-16, 2020. It is organized by the IEEE Tunisia Section, IEEE Region 8, and IEEE Africa Council. The conference is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Power and Energy Society, and IEEE Industry Applications Society, IEEE Power Electronics Society, and IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.


ENERGYCON is dedicated to experts carrying out research focused on energy and power systems. It has already become one of the central events for discussion on the application of electronics, instrumentation, information and communication technology to the energy industry.


ENERGYCON provides an opportunity to scientists, professional engineers and engineering students to present their work, publish their results, exchange ideas and network for future scientific and industrial collaborations.


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National STEM Career Expo - 21st till 26th January 2020

Event Date: 17/01/2020


Are you eager to discover what a passion for science and technology can lead to? Do you want to learn more about current and future careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)? Would you like your children to engage with aviation engineers, VR programmers, marine biologists, road safety experts, lab technicians … and get a taste of what it means to work in these fields? In a fun way of course!


Then join us on 21st-26th January 2020 at Esplora for this first Career Expo focusing on STEM occupations!
The Expo will be open for school visits from Tuesday to Friday from 9 am until 3 pm, and for the general public on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th January from 10 am until 6 pm.


Our exhibitors – private companies, research-performing organisations, government bodies and NGOs are preparing hands-on, interactive and appealing activities for the whole family to enjoy. Building, coding, quizzes, role-play games are just some of the activities that await you.
Additional activities taking place during the weekend include a STEM Game Show, a Guess Who/Hot Seat Game coordinated by JobsPlus, a mini maker space and a storytelling session for our youngest guests.


Below is our schedule for Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th January:
STEM Game Show (Location: Planetarium Hall) – 11.00, 14.00, 16.00
Fun and science collide in this game developed by Esplora. Choose a card and be surprised by one of our amazing experiments!


Guess Who/Hot Seat (Location: Engineering exhibition – Main exhibition building – Level 1) – 12.30, 15.30
Guess the occupation of some very interesting STEM professionals invited by JobsPlus and discover what a day in their workplace looks like!


Once Upon A Dream (for 4-7-years-olds) (Location: Little Esploras – Main exhibition building – Level -1)– 12.00, 15.00
A short storytelling session based on true stories about people who against all odds found their dream career.


And don’t forget to take part in our Competition! You can win one of three vouchers (each worth 65 euros) for a fun educational robotics kit for your family, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Robocoach. Just take a photo of your favourite stand and tell us why you liked it in one sentence, then share it on Facebook, tagging us @esploramalta.


This event is brought to you by Esplora Interactive Science Centre, which forms part of the Malta Council for Science and Technology, in collaboration with the University of Malta, the Malta College of Art, Science and Technology, the Ministry for Education and Employment, Jobsplus, the National Skills Council and Institute for Education.


The STEM Career Expo is part-financed by the Erasmus+ Project RAISE “Raising Awareness and Interest in STEAM Employment”.
For more information on the exhibitors, activities and competitions, kindly follow our National STEM Career Expo Facebook event page.

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Event Date: 28/01/2020


The Malta Council for Science and Technology will be organising an event dedicated to the PRIMA R&I funding programme. This event will provide attendees with useful information on the upcoming PRIMA funding Calls, other internationalisation opportunities as well as workshops to provide more hands-on assistance. The event will also provide networking opportunities on both a local and international dimension.


The event is targeted towards stakeholders interested in participating in international R&I projects in the fields of Water Management, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Science, providing useful information to experienced researchers as well as stakeholders (public and private) that are interested in R&I but are somewhat less experienced and would like to get to know more. 


To register please click on the following link :


For any queries, please contact us on

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Research & Innovation Day - Gozo Edition

Event Date: 31/01/2020


The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) are inviting business owners, business development managers, entrepreneurs, potential start-ups and government and academic representatives to a networking event to inform about several national, European (Horizon 2020) and international funding programmes that support research and innovation (R&I). MCST would also like to use this opportunity to have an exchange on the future strategies for R&I and the thematic areas such strategies could support.

To register for the event, please access the below link.

Register on the below link

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Eurostars webinar: 21 January 2020 from 11:00 to 12:00 Brussels time.

Event Date: 21/01/2020


Eurostars supports collaborative international innovative projects led by research and development- performing small- and medium-sized enterprises (R&D-performing SMEs). This does not exclude the participation of other companies, universities or research organisations.

To qualify as a lead partner, an SME should meet at least 10 % thresholds for dedicated R&D full time employees or turnover as stipulated by EUREKA.  SMEs can benefit from financial support in line with the rules applicable in their country. In case of Malta, participation is subject to R&D 2014-2020 incentive guidelines.

Discover more on

Register for a webinar ahead of the next cut-off deadline for Eurostars funding applications to find out about the online application process, tips and tricks to increase your chances of success, follow on questions and answers session:

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Electronic Components and Systems Brokerage Event in Brussels

Event Date: 14/01/2020


The ECS Brokerage Event 14-15 January 2020 at Hotel Le Plaza in Brussels will facilitate preparation of project proposals.

This networking event will bring together over 400 participants in a unique stimulating environment for attending call information sessions, sharing project ideas, meeting new partners and reinforcing consortiums.

Register by 7 January 2020 on

Submit new project ideas, project pitches and/or posters through theECS Collaboration Tool.


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IEEE - Digital Health Technologies Shaping the Future

Event Date: 22/11/2019


The event will be held at 18:00 at MITA St Venera on the 22nd of November. For this event, we have invited a distinguished guest speaker Bernard P. Zeigler who is a Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer engineering at the University of Arizona, USA. More info visit:

For this event, a number of key people in digital health who will give short talks on various topics related to the application of digital health in Malta. Finally, refreshments will be served to allow us to network with different stakeholders.  Follow us on facebook /ieeemalta to know more about the event. 

Please register to this free event by clicking the link below:

Information and image source:

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Thematic Focus Groups

Event Date: 31/10/2019


MCST champions the National Research and Innovation Strategy, and the current Strategy takes us till 2020. We are therefore working on a new Strategy for post-2020, as well as a new Smart Specialisation Strategy and we are currently finalising the consultation phase. MCST relies on its stakeholder to contribute and design a bottom-up Strategy that takes into account the needs of academia, business, government and civil society.

Therefore, MCST would like to invite all interested stakeholders to discuss the potential future smart specialization areas of Malta. Anyone with research and innovation project ideas, be it academia, businesses, civil society, and government, should have their say on where Malta should invest its R&I funds in the next programming period. Join us by registering for one or more thematic sessions here:

Health - 31 October 2019 - 14:30 to 16:30

High Value-Added Manufacturing - 11 Novembr 2019 - 10:00 to 12:00

Digital Technology & Space - 11 November 2019 - 13:00 to 15:00

Resource Efficiency - 13 November 2019 - 10:00 to 12:00

Marine & Blue Biotechnology - 15 Noember 2019 - 10:00 to 12:00

Other Areas - 15 November 2019 - 13:00 to 15:00

Venue: Malta Council for Science and Technology, Villa Bighi, Kalkara

The deadline for registration is 25th October 2019

We look forward to welcoming you at MCST to have an open discussion on these potential thematic sectors and identifying possible areas of focus!

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Space International Information Day & Brokerage Event - Warsaw

Event Date: 13/11/2019


On 13 and 14 November 2019 the H2020 Space NCP Network - COSMOS2020plus, the National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union in Poland  and the University of Warsaw with the support of the European Commission will organize the International Horizon 2020 Space Information Day and Brokerage Event in Warsaw.

The aim of the event is to present the funding opportunities in Horizon 2020 Space and to provide first-hand information on the last Horizon 2020 Space Calls. The participants will have the opportunity to be informed and discuss with the authors of the Space Work Programme 2020 and learn from their hints and tips on H2020 proposal writing. For further information please visit the link below:

Information and image source:

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Space Week 2019 - Beyond the Horizon - Rome

Event Date: 09/10/2019


Space Week 2019 (Rome, 9-11 October 2019) is the international conference dedicated to space access and services technologies, where you can:

  • be informed on funding opportunities,
  • discover more on the state-of-the-art and future developments of the Space sector,
  • create new partnerships with international actors.

 Know more about the SPACE Week 2019. Beyond the Horizon: read the conference presentation in the below link.

Information and image source:

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Space Info Day and Brokerage Event (Horizon 2020) - Prague

Event Date: 12/09/2019


On 12 and 13 September 2019 the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency  (GSA) and the H2020 Space NCP Network (COSMOS2020plus) will organize the Horizon 2020 Space Information Day and Brokerage Event in Prague, Czech Republic. During the event Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) workshop will also take place.

The aim of the event is to present the funding opportunities in Horizon 2020 Space and to provide first-hand information on the last Horizon 2020 Space Calls with a special focus on EGNSS/GALILEO Call. The participants will have the opportunity  to be informed  and discuss with  the authors of the Space Work Programme 2020 and learn from their hints and tips on H2020 proposal writing. Since the next EU Framework Programme Horizon Europe is already under development some early information will be also provided. In addition, the participants will have a unique opportunity to learn about the brand new topic on EGNSS applications for public authorities. View the below link for further information.

Information and image source:

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Webinar on GDPR in Horizon 2020

Event Date: 26/09/2019


We would like to invite you to join the webinar organized by NUCL-EU 2020 to learn more about some basic concepts and key GDPR approaches, most common ethics concerns in Horizon 2020 proposals as relates to data processing and also ethics and data protection requirements in H2020 review process. The final aim is to have a useful guidance to ensure ethics compliance.

The second part will be a Q&A session during which related questions will be answered.

Due to the fact that there are limited places available and participation will be on a “first come first served basis”, registration will close when maximum number of participants will be reached.

Visit the below link to register:

Information and image source:

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Smart Advanced Manufacturing - Belgium

Event Date: 03/09/2019


SMART, the EUREKA Cluster programme on advanced manufacturing, will open the next Call for project proposals on 9 September 2019 and will hold SMART Project Outline (PO) Proposers’ Day in Leuven, Belgium on 3 October 2019.

SMART Technical domains cover the applications and developments needed to take a big step in the competitiveness of European manufacturing industry and include the following six areas: 

  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • Smart & Adaptive Manufacturing Systems
  • Person-Machine Collaboration
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Digital, Virtual & Efficient Companies
  • Customer-Based Manufacturing.

Meet industry, academia and research centres, get the latest information on advanced manufacturing findings, form an international consortium and submit a successful project proposal.

Sign up for SMART PO Day event and find more on below link: 

Malta contact point: Malta Enterprise, please call on tel. 2247 7624 for further information.

Information and image source:

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ITEA 3 Project - Outline Preparation 2019 - Amsterdam

Event Date: 03/09/2019


3-4 September

ITEA, the EUREKA Cluster programme on software innovation, will open its sixth ITEA 3 Call for project proposals on 3 September 2019, in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline (PO) Preparation Days in Amsterdam on 3-4 September.

For further information, agenda and registration please visit link below:

Malta contact point: Malta Enterprise, please call on tel. 2247 7624 for further information.

Information and image source:

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EUREKA Stakeholder conference: Creating ecosystems for innovation - Amsterdam

Event Date: 05/09/2019


Are you interested in #international #innovation, in meetings with other innovative companies and in starting international RD&I projects? Have you participated in #Eurostars or #Eureka #Cluster projects in the past? Would you like to make your contribution to the design of new international innovation instruments of the @EUREKA_NETWORK?

Come to the EUREKA stakeholder conference on 5 September in Amsterdam where Europe’s innovative industry, SMEs and knowledge institutes will share their experiences and interests in the Eureka Network. Visit registration link below.

Further information is on

EUREKA is administered in Malta through Malta Enterprise, please call on tel. 2247 7624 for further information.

Information and image source:

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European Research & Innovation Days - Brussels

Event Date: 24/09/2019


24,25 and 26 September 2019

Orientations towards the first Strategic Plan  implementing the research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe.

For further deails please visit the below link and attached document.

Information and image source:

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FLASC Dissemination Event

Event Date: 18/07/2019


Esplora in collaboration with the FLASC Research Project and Team have the pleasure to invite you to The FLASC Dissemination Event.

This free event will be held at Esplora Interactive Science Centre, Marina Road, Kalkara on the 18th July from 8:30am to 1pm.

Apart from the delivery of the FLASC technical presentation, a panel discussion on Renewable Energy Storage and related science concepts will be held by experts in the field. A networking lunch will also be held.  Please find agenda attached.

FLASC project link:

Kindly click on the link below to register and reserve your place for this event by noon, 10th July 2019. The FLASC project was supported by the R & I FUSION funds.

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Training on Sea Governance and Blue Growth - Trieste (Italy)

Event Date: 23/07/2019


An Advanced Training Course on the below theme is being offered for interested participants in both public and private sectors:

"Sea governance and blue growth: balancing sustainable use and conservation through Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in the field of fisheries and aquaculture” - Trieste (Italy) 23rd – 27th September 2019.

This is opportunity is being offered within the framework of the project DEEP BLUE:Developing Education and Employment Partnerships for a Sustainable Blue Growth in the Western Mediterranean Region in partnership with Tunisia and Spain and co-funded by the EASME-EMFF.

Interested applicants are invited to fill in the Registration form by Friday 12th July 2019.

One representative from the Private sector and One representative from the Public sector in Malta will be selected for this training dedicated to Blue Growth issues.

As a result of this training, it is expected that participants develop a project proposal/idea at the local level, wishing to cooperate within a public-private partnership framework.

A total of 20 participants from the 5+5 Dialogue countries will be present: 10 public + 10 private

The 5+5 Dialogue is composed of the ten Western Mediterranean countries: Algeria, France, Italy, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia. 

Amongst the several areas of collaboration, these countries also work together in the area of Research, Innovation and Higher Education.  

Please find attached more information, or visit the website at the following link:

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Horizon 2020 Info Day

Event Date: 02/07/2019


Are you interested in obtaining funding for your research and innovation project idea?  

Do you want to know how?

If yes, join us for the Horizon 2020 Info Day on 2nd July at Activity Center, Esplora in order to learn more about the Horizon 2020 programme and the upcoming calls.

The even is free of charge, however registration on the below link is mandatory.

Limited seats available!

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme with nearly Euro80 bilion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020). Horizon 2020 is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe's global cometitiveness.

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International Brokerage Event Horizon 2020 for Circular Economy & Transforming Industry - Warsaw

Event Date: 09/10/2019


The purpose of the event will be to bring together potential applicants for Horizon 2020 calls related to the Circular Economy and Transforming Industry to help them build consortium and develop their proposals. The event is notably targeting participants from Eastern and Central European Countries and from the European Neighbourhood Policy Countries to foster international cooperation, but participants from all countries are welcome: Horizon 2020 is “Open to the world”! 

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Digital Excellence Forum at ICT Proposers’ Day 2019 - Helsinki

Event Date: 19/09/2019


The two-day event, 19 - 20 September 2019 will start with a plenary debate on “Partnering for Digital Excellence”. Partnerships are a strategic implementation mechanism to align research agendas, leverage investments at European and National levels, and mobilise private co-investment from industry. This plenary session will be an opportunity to listen to European leaders debating about key challenges that Europe will face in the coming decade and how European programmes catalyse investments in shared R&I goals. For further information and agenda please see link below:

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Brokerage Event ICTurkey, Istanbul

Event Date: 05/07/2019


The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) with the support of the EU-funded project “Turkey in Horizon 2020 Phase II” has the honour of inviting you to the “ICTurkey 2019”, International Brokerage Event in Istanbul on the 5th of July.

The event will target the calls for the Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and Cross-cutting themes of H2020:

  • 5G
  • Next Generation Internet
  • Big Data and Applications
  • Digitising European Industry
  • Smart Health and Care

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Ecomondo - The Green Technology Expo 2019

Event Date: 05/11/2019


Ecomondo is the only platform in Europe to offer a broad programme of conferences,workshops and seminars to present international evidence and new trends relating to the various strands of the circular economy, including building, packaging, electronics and theautomotive industry.

5 - 8 November 2019

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People & the Sea X Conference - Amsterdam

Event Date: 24/06/2019


People & the Sea X: learning from the past, imagining the future

The Conference will take place from the 24th until the 28th of June 2019

Location: Roeterseiland complex, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

MARE is an interdisciplinary social science organisation interested in the use and management of marine resources. Its objective is to provide a stimulating intellectual climate for academics and policymakers working on topics related to coasts and seas. Although MARE limits its action radius to the social sciences, it seeks active collaboration with other disciplines. It strives to maintain a balanced mix of academic and policy-oriented research. MARE takes a global perspective, emphasising the coastal zones of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, drawing on expertise from fields such as law, history, economics, political science, public administration, anthropology, and geography.

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Event Date: 24/06/2019


  • Discover the Japanese approach towards World-Class Manufacturing
  • Learn how Japanese firms achieve superior production standards
  • Focus on the latest trends by visiting the top manufacturing plants in Japan
  • Visit the real "GEMBA" (i.e. production site in Japan)
  • Meet senior Japanese industry leaders

Since the first edition in 1992, more than 700 participants from across all EU Member states have participated in this practical training course.

The 5-day World Class Manufacturing training mission provides an in-depth analysis of Japanese manufacturing methodology and is aimed exclusively at EU managers with knowledge of WCM and an engineering background. It assists the participants to acquire a better understanding of TQC (Total Quality Control), TQM (Total Quality Management), TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), JIT (Just In Time), TIE (Total Industrial Engineering) practices and the current KAIZEN manufacturing methods (continuous improvement).

The training course consists of lectures, workshops and visits to some of the world’s most advanced Japanese factories in order to understand the real "Gemba" (production site), talk directly with their production managers and observe the effective implementation of manufacturing methods.

This course will give its participants a detailed understanding of current Japanese approaches that they can adapt to help their companies lean journeys.

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7th Mediterranean Neuroscience Conference - Morocco

Event Date: 23/06/2019


The 7th Mediterranean Neuroscience conference that will be held in Marrakech (Morocco, 23-27 June 2019) is now accepting submissions for proposed symposia.

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