First Advanced School under the PROMISE Project Receives an Enthusiastic Start with Support from the Maltese Government

Friday, November 17, 2023

The highly anticipated First Advanced School, a cornerstone event of the PROMISE project, kicked off on 6th November 2023, with great enthusiasm and promising prospects. This week-long event, running till 10th November has brought together experts and scholars from 21 different countries across the world to explore cutting-edge advancements in renewable energy and innovation. The inaugural day of the school was graced by the esteemed presence of Hon. Keith Azzopardi Tanti, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research and Innovation, who officially opened the event.

The First Advanced School, hosted by The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta together with the PROMISE consortium, is set to make significant strides in the field of Photovoltaics (PV) research and technology. With participants from various renowned institutions, the event has already showcased a remarkable exchange of ideas and knowledge. The collaborative atmosphere created by the diverse group of experts promises to yield groundbreaking outcomes and innovative solutions in the PV module and system sector.

“PROMISE project is providing the opportunity for Malta to become a hub test for emerging, field tested and prototyping Photovoltaics technology creating living laboratories through its investment in a mini-research living laboratories infrastructure to support the PV community locally and internationally” Dr Ing. Brian Azzopardi, coordinator of PROMISE project and Chair of The Foundation for Innovation and Research - Malta.

The speakers at the Advanced School represent a rich tapestry of institutions from all over Europe, each contributing their unique expertise to the discussion. The participating institutions include: The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta, Hochschule Anhalt, Becquerel Institute, Austrian Institute of Technology, The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), the National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER), Czech Technical University in Prague and the local technology innovator PIXAM Ltd., supported by the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, Visit Malta and Projects Green.

The diversity of these institutions not only highlights the European-wide interest and commitment to advancing renewable energy but also reflects the collaborative nature of the PROMISE project.

As the Advanced School progresses, attendees are benefitting from in-depth discussions, hands-on experiments and the exchange of best practices. The knowledge and insights shared during this event are expected to lead to innovative solutions and developments that will help propel the renewable energy industry into a sustainable and prosperous future.

The PROMISE project and Advanced School, in particular, serve as beacons of progress in Photovoltaic reliability operations and maintenance innovative solutions research. With the support of the Maltese government and the active participation of institutions from all over Europe, the future of sustainable energy looks brighter than ever for a sustained economy.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Demeter Delinke

Marketing & Communication Officer at Becquerel Institute


Project Coordinator Dr Brian Azzopardi

About the PROMISE Project:

The PROMISE project is a 3 year research and innovation project funded by the European Commission through a Twinning action (HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03), as part of the Widening Participation and Spreading Excellence objective under Horizon Europe.

Malta has the highest solar irradiance of all EU Member States. PROMISE aims to sustain the scientific, engineering and research performance and innovation capacity of the Maltese Research Community on solar photovoltaics to prepare for the potential penetration increase of PV in Malta and to support the energy transition. The project is organised around:

  • A research framework featuring a Malta-based platform to study of existing and emerging PV modules and systems, including digitalisation aspects for prediction and optimisation algorithms.
  • A knowledge gain and transfer framework including capacity building activities, workshops, schools, training programmes, internships, mentoring, etc.


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