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Horizon 2020 Award Scheme

Source of Funding: Malta Council for Science and Technology

The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) is pleased to announce the Horizon 2020 Awards. The awards will reward the Maltese beneficiaries for having participated in research and innovation projects within the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme.

The scheme will recognise the achievements in nine different award categories, eight for legal entities and one for individual researchers. The award categories are Best Impact for Health; Security or Smart Mobility Award; The Blue Award; The Green Award; The Climate Award; Gender, Culture, Equality or Citizen Science Award; Best Innovative SME Award; Best Promotion of STEM Award; Best Technological Innovation Award and Most Active Researcher Award.

The Horizon 2020 Awards will provide the winners with visibility within the local research community and beyond. The award prize for each category is €5,000.

Maltese registered legal entities which are beneficiaries and are in the possession of a signed grant agreement with budget allocation for their Horizon 2020 project/s, are eligible to apply and participate in the scheme. For the Most Active Researcher award, the researchers should have been employed or is currently employed with a Maltese Entity which is in possession of a signed grant agreement with a budget allocation for the Horizon 2020 project/s

Applicants need to submit their completed and signed application form to MCST before the closing of Horizon 2020 Awards on the 16/11/2020 at noon, 12.00 CET.

Application form, evaluation results and/or a copy of the Grant Agreement are to be sent in digital format to email:

More information and application forms can be accessed from the below link.