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2020 LIFE calls for proposals

Source of Funding: European Commission

5G innovation for verticals with third party services


Source of Funding: Horizon 2020

About CDP CDP eligibility criteria Call for HEI/universities Calls for PhD positions CDP thematic fields Collaboration agreements Contact Call for expressions of interest from HEIs/universities - Collaborative Doctoral Partnership programme (2020)

Source of Funding: Collaborative Doctoral Partnership programme

Advancing photonics technologies and application driven photonics components and the innovation ecosystem


Source of Funding: Horizon 2020

Aid for Research and Development Projects (Tax Credits)

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

Artificial intelligence on demand platform

Source of Funding: Horizon 2020

Business START (B. Start)

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

Call for collaboration for access to screening facilities for rationally selected compounds against SARS-CoV-2

Source of Funding: Call for collaboration for access to screening facilities for rationally selected compounds against SARS-CoV-2

Call for ideas: R&I Topics in Quantum Technologies and Space

Source of Funding: European Commission

Call for Proposals 2020: EIT Urban Mobility

Source of Funding: EIT

The EIT is a body of the EU whose aim is to deliver innovation across Europe. The Urban Mobility-KIC is one of the EIT’s 8 KICs, dedicated to accelerating solutions that improve collective use of urban space, while ensuring multimodal mobility.


The KIC is looking for entities (which may be a consortium led by one entity) to apply for the role of Regional Hub for Malta. What this means is that they will be the focal point for EIT Urban Mobility-KIC activities in Malta, and they would need to liaise and provide expertise to the relevant authorities; identify opportunities for and advise stakeholders.


Such a hub would need to consist of at least one entity which is a university, which however would not need to be the lead entity.


They would also have a total budget of €300,000 to support them in this role.

The KIC is also seeking to attract proposals in the following thematic areas:

  • citizen engagement
  • Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS)


The budget allocated for citizen engagement is €155,000, and that of the RIS (excluding the Hubs budget of €300,000) is €1,014,000 total.


For further information, kindly download the attached PDF document.

COVID-19 BUSINESS ASSISTANCE: Facilitation of Teleworking activities

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

Call for the Facilitation of Teleworking Activities (through the Business Development and Continuity Scheme)

This call supports Employers/ Self-employed to invest in technology that enables teleworking and to partially cover the costs of teleworking solutions. Support shall be limited up to €500 per teleworking agreement and €4,000 per undertaking. The grant shall be awarded against 45% of the eligible cost. This call is eligible for costs incurred between 1st March and 30th March 2020. Total support under this call shall be capped at €2M.

COVID-19 Business Assistance: Fiscal assistance - Postponement of payment of certain taxes

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

This incentive gives a two-month extension to enterprises, including self-employed, to pay Provisional Tax, VAT and National Insurance Contribution on Salaries. This will apply for taxes owed till end of April.

All tax forms should be submitted according to normal deadlines. The incentive is primarily aimed, but not limited to, the tourism and hospitality, entertainment, transport and manufacturing sectors that are being affected by COVID-19.


Development of therapeutics and diagnostics combatting coronavirus infections

Source of Funding: Innovative Medicines Initiative

Proposals submitted under this topic are expected to advance the knowledge specifically on COVID-19 and more widely on the coronavirus family with the aim of contributing to an efficient patient management and/or public health preparedness and response to current and future outbreaks of coronavirus infection. Considering that this is a newly identified virus, the scope of this topic remains broad and must address at least one of the following objectives . Applicant consortia will be competing for the maximum total financial contribution from IMI2 JU up to EUR 45 000 000.

IMI will also hold a webinar on IMI2 – Call 21 on the novel coronavirus on Wednesday 4 March at 14:30 CET (Central European Time / Brussels time).

There are also some supporting measures provided by Here are a few tools and resources that are already in place and available for use on the SENET website:



Disruptive photonics technologies


Source of Funding: Horizon 2020

EIT Digital: Call for Proposals for 2021 activities

Source of Funding: EIT

Submit a proposal to join EIT Digital in boosting entrepreneurship and education for a strong Digital Europe

EIT Digital opens its proposal submission period for 'EIT Digital 2021' in order to launch the construction of 2021 activities. 'EIT Digital 2021' targets entrepreneurial minds planning to:

  • Launch a digital tech startup or product with the EIT Digital Innovation Factory


  • Deliver entrepreneurial digital tech education programmes with the EIT Digital Entrepreneurial Academy

EIT Digital's work programme 2021 will be guided by the EIT Digital Strategic Innovation Agenda 2020-2022. It identifies five strategic areas which startups, products and education programmes should contribute to in order to build a strong digital Europe:

For more information, kindly access the link provided.

EIT Jumpstarter 2020: turn your innovative idea into a budding business

Source of Funding: EIT

Apply for the new edition of the EIT Jumpstarter 2020, one of the most well-known European pre-accelerator programmes.

This year, for the very first time, candidates are able to submit their innovative ideas in six thematic categories. In addition to the raw materials, healthcare, agri-food, there are three new areas: energy, manufacturing and urban mobility.

EIT Jumpstarter, recognised as the 2019 Best Association Training Initiative in Europe, is one of the widest cross-industrial programmes designed for early-stage innovators who want to gain traction and jumpstart their business. The fourth edition will be organised in collaboration with six knowledge and innovation communities: EIT RawMaterialsEIT HealthEIT FoodEIT InnoEnergyEIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility, initiated and funded by the EIT.

The programme has a special focus on Central-Eastern and Southern European talents who want to validate their business concept, develop a business plan and pitch their ideas to the potential future investors. In the previous editions, over 90 teams from 13 countries were already trained, mentored and supported in expanding impactful ideas into powerful business models.

If you are an innovator in the following domains: raw materials, healthcare, agri-food, energy, manufacturing or urban mobility with an innovative business idea, then this programme is perfect for you.

EIT Jumpstarter is open to students, PhDs, researchers or entrepreneurs. Participants will learn how to get started on building a business in a unique cross-industry environment: how to create a team, business processes, and organisational design. The primary focus is put on quantitative business model building. Through the EIT Jumpstarter programme, trainers and coaches will guide you to find the best fitting business model for your idea, and help you validate it. At the end of the program, graduates will prepare their pitch deck, business model canvas, competitive landscape, go-to-market strategy and a roadmap.

Through the programme, you will receive support from the best-in-class trainers and mentors and have a chance to win up to EUR 10 000.

EIT Manufacturing Call for Proposals 2021

Source of Funding: EIT

EIT Manufacturing is an innovation ecosystem with the mission to bring European manufacturing actors together in order to add unique value to European products, processes, services – and inspire the creation of globally competitive and sustainable manufacturing.

EIT Manufacturing solicits Activity proposals in the areas of education, innovation, and business creation and will co-invest with the partners to achieve economic value and societal impact.

For more details, kindly access the link provided.

EIT Urban Mobility Call for Proposals 2021

Source of Funding: EIT

EIT Urban Mobility invites all EIT Urban Mobility partners as well as non-partner organisations to propose impactful activities that will support EIT Urban Mobility to deliver on its mission and create real benefits to cities, citizens and companies in Europe and beyond.

EIT Community looks forward to seeing inspiring collaborations unravel. This is an invitation to submit proposals that will help EIT Urban Mobility to continue building an even stronger portfolio of activities in 2021.

For more details, kindly access the link provided.

EUREKA Clusters AI Call

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

Trans-national and collaborative applied research and innovation project proposals in the field of AI

For more information, please click on here

EUREKA Multilateral Call on Advanced Materials

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

FET Proactive: emerging paradigms and communities

Source of Funding: Single Electronic Data Interchange Area (SEDIA)

Specific Challenge:

To explore and consolidate a new technological direction in order to put it firmly on the map as a viable paradigm for future technology. To foster the interdisciplinary communities that are able to drive this forward, extending from the participating consortia to a wider European pool of expertise. To stimulate the emergence of a European innovation eco-system around a new technological paradigm, well beyond the world of research alone.


proposals are sought for cutting-edge high-risk / high-reward research and innovation projects that aim to demonstrate a new technological paradigm within the scope of one of the sub-topics.


FET PROACTIVE: Environmental Intelligence

Source of Funding: Single Electronic Data Interchange Area (SEDIA)

Specific Challenge:

new synergies between the distant disciplines of environmental modelling, advanced sensor research, social sciences, and Artificial Intelligence can lead to radically new approaches for creating and using dynamic models of the environment, including predictive modelling, scenario testing and real-time tracking. The ultimate goal is to build a systemic understanding of the socio-environmental inter-relationships, for instance to regulate or design policies and incentives for environmental sustainability and to track their effectiveness over time and to provide intelligible options for adjusting them

FET-Open Challenging Current Thinking

Source of Funding: Single Electronic Data Interchange Area (SEDIA)

Specific Challenge:

to lay the foundations for radically new future technologies of any kind from visionary interdisciplinary collaborations that dissolve the traditional boundaries between sciences and disciplines, including the social sciences and humanities. This topic also encourages the driving role of new actors in research and innovation, including excellent young researchers, ambitious high-tech SMEs and first-time participants to FET under Horizon 2020 from across Europe.


proposals are sought for cutting-edge high-risk / high-impact interdisciplinary research with all of the following essential characteristics


Funding Opportunity: Transnational Call 2020 for Research and Innovation Projects in Maritime and Marine Technologies

Source of Funding: MarTERA / JPI Oceans

H2020EE Call for Energy Efficiency - €64 Million Available

Source of Funding: Horizon 2020

The funding is available for proposals submitted under 10 topics addressing 5 main areas: buildings, innovative finance, public authorities, consumers and services.
The call is managed by the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the European Commission (EASME). All proposals for Horizon 2020 funding must be submitted through the EU’s Funding and Tender Opportunities portal.

The video recordings on the specific funding topics are now available for viewing together with presentations on the EU policy context and guidance from EASME on how to submit an excellent proposal.

Innovation Aid for SMEs

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

Investment Aid Tax Credits 2014-2020

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

MarTERA Call 2020

Source of Funding: MarTERA

R&D Feasibility Studies 2014 - 2020

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

Research & Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)

Source of Funding: Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions

Research innovation needs & skills training in PhD programmes

Source of Funding: H2020

 Specific Challenge

Within the New Skills Agenda (adopted in June 2016) and in the Modernisation Agenda (adopted in May 2017) specifications on innovative employment-oriented curricula recommendations are described. The Open Science Agenda incorporates activities which makes it crucial for Higher Education Institutions including for European Universities to integrate new or existing Open Science and entrepreneurship skills courses into PhD programmes and to train data stewards for example. Especially the formal integration of skills courses developed with and by non-academic actors and provided in non-academic surroundings into curricula, will be a specific challenge.


A broad package of Open Science and entrepreneurship skills-related training, integration and intelligence for researchers and scientists in all career stages should to be developed. In 2020, the focus should be on open science and open innovation practices and the training should be integrated into existing PhD programmes.

Projects need to be organised by (or in cooperation with) experienced projects, which already developed and implemented joint PhD curricula, for example under Erasmus+ or ITN. . In all cases, partners should be able to demonstrate proof of concept and initial impact of the PhD training and reasoning for improving and formally integrating skills training. Initial postgraduate tracking exercises have to be integrated in the proposal, to demonstrate ability to trace postgraduates during employment (including sex-disaggregated data). Counselling initiatives of PhD candidates and PhD graduates into focussed careers in and outside academia should be provided.

In 2019, the Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU between EUR 0.75 million and 1.00 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

In 2020, the Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU between EUR 0.20 million and 0.30 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

Expected Impact

Impact is expected on post-graduate candidates and early stage researchers' careers, in closing the Open Science and entrepreneurship skills gap between research employment in academia and beyond academia. Expected impact also on the improvement of the innovation potential of future PhD candidates, by joint design of skills training courses and curricula of consortium partners into modernised PhD programmes. Expected impact on the joint collaboration between academia and stakeholders in the regions (hubs) by improving skills intelligence, skills visibility and comparability for better career choices; learning about future Open Science and entrepreneurship skills needs and employment potential of scientists in various (interdisciplinary/intersectoral) fields. Expected impact on the interdisciplinary and international mobility of researchers working under Open Science and entrepreneurship practices, also in line with the Innovative Doctoral Training Principles (IDTP).

Skills Development Scheme

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

Smart Connectivity beyond 5G


Source of Funding: Horizon 2020

Start-Up Finance 2017 - 2020

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

Startup Advance

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise