EIC Support Scheme


The Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) is pleased to announce the launch of the European Innovation Council (EIC) Support Scheme. The scheme is intended to support single companies classified as SME[1] (including Start-Ups) established in Malta, for both the short stage application and full stage application of the European Innovation Council Accelerator programme.

The applicants may select either to apply for Option A and/or B (which covers the short stage application), or Option C (which covers the full stage application) depending on the stage of their EIC application and/or project.

Short Stage Application Support

Option A – Business Coaching: Applicants may apply for a grant to recruit a business coach matching the specific industry and market context. The coach should challenge assumptions and consider new options in a learning-and-solving manner.
A maximum grant amount of €5,000 may be requested by the applicant to cover the fees of the business coach service provider.

Option B – Pitch Coach: Applicants may apply for a grant to recruit a pitch coach in preparation for the short and/or full application stage. Coaching provides applicants with the opportunity to further their communication skills, as well as develop the capacity to share the right information, engage the audience and pitch to potential investors.
A maximum grant amount of €2,000 may be requested by the applicant to cover the fees of the pitch coach service provider.

Full Stage Application Support

Option C – EIC Consultant & Proposal Writer: Applicants can engage a consultant or firm to improve opportunities for Maltese entities intending to submit an EIC Accelerator proposal and who will be supporting the applicant through proposal writing and submission. The consultant engaged for EIC Accelerator proposal will focus on factors that will increase chances of winning, supporting the preparation of all the paperwork that goes with the proposal.

A maximum grant request of €10,000 may be provided to reimburse the costs related to engage the service provider.

The scheme is open as from 2 August 2021 and interested applicants should apply with the application forms found hereunder. Applicants need to submit their completed and signed application form to MCST at any time, the received applications will be checked and prepared for evaluation at each end of the month.

Application forms are to be sent in digital format to email: eicscheme.mcst@gov.mt

For application forms and deadline please download the attachments form the below link:

Information source:
Malta Council for Science and Technology
Call Deadline: 
Il-Ġimgħa, December 30, 2022
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