Calls for Funding



AMALIA, assessment of nuclear power plants core internals (EMMA)

Source of Funding: European Commission

The AMALIA laboratory was built and it is operated in order to provide tools to study the effect of environment on the mechanical and corrosion performance including life assessment and qualification of structural materials for present and next generation of nuclear systems. It includes test machines and auxiliary equipment for corrosion and environmentally assisted cracking testing for various types of test specimen. In support, 3D profilometry, x-ray tomography, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), microstructural analysis and data management tools can be offered. Read further on the below link.

ITEA Cluster

Source of Funding: EUREKA

Clusters:  ITEA is a EUREKA Cluster in the domain of software innovation.  ITEA Project Outline Preparation Days will be held online from 7 to 11 September 2020 in preparation to ITEA 3 Call 7 that will open 7 September 2020. Register to get access to 300+ potential project partners, presentations of innovative project ideas, dynamic online workgroup sessions, inspiring webinars, constructive consortium building.

Call for Expressions of Interest from Industrial Partners to Design, Manufacture and Sell Disinfection Equipment based on Ultraviolet Irradiation Technology Developed at the University of Malta

Source of Funding: University Malta

The University of Malta’s Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (the University) has designed and built a number of prototype devices that use short wavelength Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) to disinfect between 9 and 16 disposable face respirator masks (N95/FFP2) concurrently in a few minutes. This allows hundreds of face respirator masks to be safely reused every day, alleviating the strain on the demand for these resources in times of heavy use. The prototypes include several safety features, such as interlocks, to prevent accidental exposure of staff to harmful ultraviolet radiation that is associated with severe eye and skin damage. The technology has already been adopted at Mater Dei Hospital and has generated substantial interest from the local Healthcare sector. Read further by clicking the below link.

Marine Strategy Framework Directive: Support to the preparation of the next 6-year cycle of implementation DG ENV/MSFD 2020

Source of Funding: European Commission

Call for proposals: “DG ENV/MSFD 2020” Marine Strategy Framework Directive: Support to the preparation of the next 6-year cycle of implementation.

Maritime Spatial Planning – EMFF Work Programme 2020

Source of Funding: EU Maritime Spatial Plans Directive


The objective of this call for proposals is to support the establishment and implementation of Maritime Spatial Plans in line with the objectives pursued in the framework of the MSP Directive. More specifically, this action intends to support Member States in setting up maritime spatial plans and ensuring that plans are coherent and coordinated across marine regions concerned. The deadline for Member States to adopt their Maritime Spatial Plans is 31 March 2021.

In this context, applicants are required to address the following priorities in their proposals:

1. Support the work of MSP competent authorities and/or inter-ministerial bodies in the establishment and adoption of maritime spatial plans;

2. Where relevant, support the development of cross-border cooperation on MSP with bordering Member States and third countries with a view to ensure that maritime spatial plans are coherent and coordinated across marine regions concerned; 

3. Making use of the best available data and organise the sharing of information, necessary for maritime spatial plans, by using relevant mechanism and tools (e.g. INSPIRE, EMODNet).


Activities that can be funded:

Applicants should explain in their proposal how they will implement the targeted activities below described, resulting in concrete and measurable results within the project's duration.

Projects must undertake one or more of the following main activities as part of the project implementation:

  • Specific activities aimed at implementing provisions set out in articles 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the MSP Directive (notably the setting-up and adoption of maritime spatial plans);
  • Specific activities aimed at implementing provisions set out in article 10 of the MSP Directive (Data use and sharing);
  • Specific activities aimed at implementing provisions set out in article 11 of the MSP Directive (Cooperation among Member States);
  • Specific activities aimed at implementing provisions set out in article 12 of the MSP Directive (Cooperation with third countries).

In addition, applicants should include in their project the following complementary activities/tasks to support the above core activities:

  • Establishment of a Steering Committee (SC) to ensure the overall strategic steering of the project. The SC should comprise relevant representatives of the Member States where the action takes place (such as MSP competent authorities), as well as the beneficiaries involved. The Commission and EASME may participate in an observer capacity only.
  • Establishment of an Advisory Committee (AC) to provide expert advice on the project's activities. The AC should be composed of a maximum of five recognised experts in MSP or in relevant fields of activity. The Commission and EASME may participate in an observer capacity only.
  • Working procedures defining how the project and the SC will operate (assigning clear roles and responsibilities, describing the decision-making process, frequency of meetings etc.).
  • An opening and closing conference.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to assign dedicated staff to the development and implementation of the proposed communication and dissemination activities. This should be appropriately reflected in the proposed budget.


The list of complementary activities is non-exhaustive. Applicants may propose additional activities, as long as the proposed complementary activity is justified and establishes a coherent link with the project objectives and the objectives of this call.

Read further on the below link:

The Innovation Fund has launched it's first call!

Source of Funding: European Commission

The Innovation Fund provides support across all Member States to innovative low-carbon technologies and processes in energy intensive sectors that have the potential of mitigating climate change through significant emission reductions. Such funded projects are envisioned to be flagship projects and close-to-market.

The target areas are: Innovative low-carbon technologies and processes in energy intensive industries, including products substituting carbon intensive ones; Carbon capture and utilisation (CCU); Construction and operation of carbon capture and storage (CCS); Innovative renewable energy generation and Energy storage.

The first call is worth 1 Billion Euros and is accepting applications for ‘large-scale’ projects. This refers to projects with a total capital expenditure above 7.5 Million Euros.

In order to be eligible for funding under this call, the applicants must be legal persons, belong to one of the following categories: private entities, public entities or international organisations, and directly responsible for the implementation and management of the project. Forming a consortium is optional.

Only actions implemented on the territory of one (or more) of the EU Member States, Norway or Iceland are eligible for funding under this all.

Please refer to the official European Commission’s Call Text  to obtain more details such as the application, evaluation and selection procedures, including eligibility criteria, timetable, budget, methodologies and tools for performing mandatory calculations.

The deadline for submission of applications for the first stage is 29th October 2020 at 17:00 (CET, Brussels).

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the EU Funds Programme Manager, Ms. Maria Dimech on (+356 2200 1164) keeping Director General, FPD, Inġ. Anthony Camilleri in copy, to obtain further guidance. 

We strongly encourage relevant stakeholders and interested applicants to frequently visit the  website to stay updated with the latest news and information from the NCP (the Funds and Programmes Division), including notifications of information sessions organised by the European Commission.

On the 14th July 2020, the European Commission will be organising a WEBINAR covering the application procedure and general questions on the first call of the Innovation Fund.

The webinar  will take place from 14h00 to 16h00 CET and it will be webstreamed (no registration needed). Participants can already ask questions via Slido using the event code #IF1C

Operational Programme II - Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

Source of Funding: Managing Authority (MA), The Planning and Priorities Co-ordination Division (PPCD) and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA)

nvesting in the Human Capital to Create More Opportunities and Promote the Well-being of Society


European Social Fund

The Managing Authority (MA) for Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 in Malta, the Planning and Priorities Co-ordination Division (PPCD) within the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA), would like to announce it is launching a call for project proposals. This call will close on Wednesday, 30th September 2020 at noon and will contribute to the priority axis and investment priorities listed below:

Priority Axis 2 - 'Towards a more inclusive society'

  • Investment priority (IP) 9i - Active inclusion, including with a view to promoting equal opportunities and active participation, and improving employability. This call is restricted for activities proposed by Voluntary Organisations and Social partners.

    Priority Axis 4 - 'Building the Institutional Administrative Capacity'
  • Investment priority (IP) 11iiCapacity building for all stakeholders delivering education, lifelong learning, training and employment and social policies, including through sectoral and territorial pacts to mobilise for reform at the national, regional and local levels. This call is restricted for activities proposed by Social Partners and Civil Society Organisations.

    The online application form for the submission of project proposals is available on (PPCD section). Supporting documentation relating to this announcement are also available on (PPCD section).

    Further information on this call and on the European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020 may be obtained from Any generic queries and requests to participate in Information Sessions related to this Call can be sent to PPCD's email: until Tuesday 7th July 2020 at noon. The Information Sessions (these are repeated sessions), will be held on the following dates:

  • 10th July 2020 at 10:00 – 12:00
  • 13th July 2020 at 15:00 – 17:00

Call for expressions of interest to organise the EIT Food Awareness Event

Source of Funding: EIT

EIT Food is looking for three organisations, each based in one of the below-mentioned countries, to organise the EIT Food Awareness Event for the local agrifood ecosystem in September-November 2020. EIT Food aims to recruit three organisations based in three different countries from the list below.

The organisations invited to apply for this call should be based in one of the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia and Ukraine.

One organisation will be selected from applicants representing Cyprus or Malta, and two from the following countries: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Republic of North Macedonia and Ukraine.


Source of Funding: BLUEBIO COFUND

 The call is targeted to fund projects focusing on supply systems in the blue economy: logistics and transportation – from harvesting to processing.

Entities with an operating base in Malta are eligible to apply and participate in transnational R&I projects.

More information can be found in the Call Text. Eligible consortia shall need to have at least three (3) partners coming from three (3) different participating countries and at least one needs to come from industry.

Local entities shall also need to consult the National Rules for Participation – State Aid or Non-State Aid and are also requested to submit a National Application Form (to be uploaded shortly).

Pre-proposal submission deadline – 14th September 2020

Interested applicants are invited to participate in a specific brokerage event to help form or join project consortia by meeting prospective international partners. This will be taking place over two (2) days:

18th June – online brokerage event part 1 – presentation of call and submission tool, elevator pitches from potential applicants

25th June – online brokerage event part 2 – 1:1 meetings between potential applicants on the b2match tool

In preparation to the brokerage event part 2, MCST will also be organising a webinar on the 30th June to provide an overview of the National requirements of the Call. Please register your interest on the plumtri matchmaking page. Registrants will be provided with the agenda and more information at a later date.

For interested applicants that miss the brokerage event, the following additional Partner Search Request Platforms can be used:

For more information  – 

ERC Advanced Grant

Source of Funding: Horizon 2020

ERC Advanced Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they are already established research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements. Principal Investigators must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal.