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Interreg MED Programme 2014-2020 | Restricted call for proposals transfer and mainstream projects

Source of Funding: Interreg MED

The Interreg MED Programme is pleased to announce that the 5th call for modular projects is open from 1st February 2021 at noon (metropolitan France local time) to 15th of April 2021 at noon (metropolitan France local time).

This call is targeted to the transfer or mainstreaming of shortlisted outputs of finalised Interreg MED projects.
For a detailed description of objectives and contents of the Call, possible types of activities, partnership composition and the list of shortlisted outputs eligible to capitalise on, please refer to the relevant Terms of Reference


The indicative financial allocation for this call is about 4,6M€ (ERDF + IPA + national co-financing). The final allocation is subject to further decisions of the Interreg MED Programme Steering Committee.


For the current call for proposals, applications will be conducted in a single phase. The submission procedure consists of two main parts: a full Application Form, to be filled in and validated, and several annexes (including Partners’ additional documents) being compulsory, which shall be uploaded in SYNERGIE CTE monitoring tool. There are two different deadlines to be respected.
The application must be submitted electronically using the on-line monitoring tool of the Interreg MED Programme, SYNERGIE CTE.

For this call, a restriction to the eligibility of Lead Partners apply: only partners having participated in the modular project the proposal will capitalise on (see eligible list in the Terms of References) can apply as LPs. Furthermore, a partner can apply only once including its candidacy as LP in the framework of the call. Please refer to the Terms of References for all partnership requirements.
The application phase of the 5th call for modular projects is open, from 1st February 2021, at noon (metropolitan France local time) to 15th April 2021, at noon (metropolitan France local time).

  • The application must be finalised and validated using the on-line Interreg MED Programme tool SYNERGIE CTE before the set deadline. On 15th April, at noon (metropolitan France local time) the full application will not be accessible anymore in SYNERGIE CTE
  • The applicants have until the submission of the proposals assessment to the Steering Committee to upload on SYNERGIE CTE the compulsory annexes. The uploading must be completed at the latest by 10th May 2021, at noon (metropolitan France local time).

The compulsory annexes required are:

  • A scan of the signed Application Form confirmation page (PDF version of the Part E of the submitted Application form);
  • A scan of the signed Partner declaration from all participating partners, including the Lead Partner, using the template provided by the Programme;
  • A scan of the signed “De minimis” declaration only from the partners whose activities within the project are State Aid relevant and that are willing to apply the de minimis Regulation, using the template provided by the Programme;
  • A scan of the signed Associated partner declaration, using the template provided by the Programme, one for each associated partner (if applicable).

The applicants are invited to read carefully the Terms of Reference of this call, that includes the Eligibility and Assessment grids linked to this call, published with this announcement as well as the SYNERGIE guide dedicated to the application phase for this Call, to learn more about the modalities of the submission procedure and facilitate the drafting of your proposal in the monitoring tool. Failure to comply with the set procedure will entail the non-eligibility of the proposal.

In order to avoid important delays in the timely submission of the full application, the Interreg MED Programme Joint Secretariat invite all applicants to start filling in the application form on Synergie CTE and to initiate the signature process of the compulsory annexes as soon as possible.

Read further on the below link.

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LEAP-RE Call for AU-EU Collaborative Research and Innovation projects on Renewable Energy

Source of Funding: LEAP-RE

The Long-term Europe-Africa Partnership on Renewable Energy (LEAP-RE) programme co-funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 aims to increase the use of renewable energy via a well-balanced set of research, demonstration, and technology transfer projects in both continents.

This programme is led by a consortium of 83 partners from European and African countries. The whole budget of the programme is around 32 Million Euros, including 15 Million from the EC.  LEAP-RE is structured around three Pillars: Pillar1, the focus of this call, comprises the implementation of transnational proposals for research, innovation and capacity building, funded by national/regional funding agencies and by the European Commission; Pillar2, is a cluster of individual R&I and capacity building projects implemented by members of the consortium, whilst Pillar3 focuses on program management and the design of a long term AU – EU strategic partnership on renewable energy.

Bringing together 16 African and European funding agency members of LEAP-RE consortium, this pillar is devoted to the preparation and implementation of transnational joint calls for proposals co-funded by European and African national research funding agencies, with an additional EC top up. The projects funded under the calls will focus on achieving goals of mutual benefit based on a balanced and cooperative approach. Particular attention will be given to strengthening the impact of R&I supported activities for the well-being of society in Europe and in Africa. The total indicative call budget is € 11 million provided by funding organizations + 6 million € from EC contribution.

Each project consortium that applies for funding under Pillar 1 must consist of research teams from a minimum of four countries from the two continents, with at least 2 from European countries and at least 2 from African countries. The funding decisions made for the first joint transnational call in 2021 will determine whether a second call is needed in 2022.


Scope of the Call and priority Areas for Collaboration

The range of activities recommended for collaboration under LEAP-RE, will focus on 6 identified multi-annual roadmaps presented in the Call:

  • Mapping RE joint research and innovation
  • End of life of RE components
  • Smart stand-alone systems
  • Smart grids
  • Productive uses of energy
  • Domestic uses of energy

The LEAP-RE Joint Call 2021 will fund basic research, applied research and experimental development projects that are 12-36 months long. However, applicants should be aware that each funding agency participating to the Call will apply its own rules and regulations regarding eligibility and criteria (nationality, thematic, nature of project, TRL, rate of subsidy…).

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FormPlanet Open Call 2021

Source of Funding: FormPlanet

FormPlanet launches in 2021 its Open Call to give the chance to up to 8 European companies to be the first recipients of the Test Bed innovative services.

The FormPlanet Open Call is addressed to help SMEs and large companies of the metal sheet manufacturing sector to characterise sheet metal properties, predict part performance and prevent production loses, tackling the upcoming challenges in formability and part quality assessment.

FormPlanet will provide to the industrial applicants advanced testing methodologies for more accurate metals characterisation, non-destructive in-process measurements and modelling.

The Open Call will allow to validate the effectiveness of novel characterisation and modelling approaches.

Click on the below link to read further.

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STARS@UNIPD - Supporting TAlent in ReSearch@University of Padua, Italy

Source of Funding: University of Padua, Italy

The University of Padua (Italy) has just launched the third edition of the Supporting TAlent in ReSearch@University of Padua – STARS@UNIPD 2021 call for proposals. Such intramural funding Programme supports excellent 2-year research projects to be performed by outstanding Principal Investigators (PIs) of any age and nationality, choosing Padua and one its 32 Departments as their working base and committing to submit an ERC project proposal with the University of Padua as their Host Institution.

The STARS@UNIPD call aims at encouraging high quality, innovative and ambitious research in all scientific areas, offering support to ground-breaking ideas with definite potential to turn into competitive proposals for international funding, such as the prestigious European Research Council grants.

In particular, STARS Starting Grants (STARS-StG) are designed to fund promising international PIs who have been awarded their first PhD within a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7 years (prior to 1st January 2021) and are about to establish their own research team and/or starting their own independent research.

Candidates may apply in one of the 27 scientific research areas corresponding to the three ERC research domains:

  • PE - Physical Sciences and Engineering,
  • LS – Life Sciences,
  • SH – Social Sciences and Humanities. 

For further information regarding the call, its annexes, and the on line application procedure, please click the below link.

The application deadline is on 12 April 2021 at 1:00 p.m. (Italy time zone).

Any further clarification requests can be addressed to the University of Padua International Research Office: .

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Research and Development 2020

Source of Funding: Malta Enterprise

The aim of this incentive is to assist Industrial Research and Experimental Development activities required by industry for the acquisition of knowledge leading to the development of innovative products and solutions. The measure also encourages cooperation between undertakings by providing additional assistance for Industrial Research and/or Experimental Development projects.

Approved projects will mainly be supported through a tax credit but the Corporation may also consider approving support in the form of a cash grant.

These projects may include projects endorsed by the Eureka Network under its instruments (Network Projects, Eurostars, Clusters). For further information click here to be redirected to the EUREKA instruments application page.

Potential applicants looking for assurance on whether their project constitutes Research and Development are encouraged to first submit a Pre-Proposal Form to the Corporation for determination.

A complete application must be submitted to Malta Enterprise via the Corporation’s Client Portal. The application form and relevant annexes available below are to be used solely to facilitate discussions with Malta Enterprise on the compilation of the documents by contacting R& Collaborative Projects which have more than one partner applying for ME assistance are to submit separate applications by the relevant partners.

The final document is then to be formally submitted to the Corporation via the client portal by clicking on the image below. Applications not submitted through the portal shall not be processed.

Click below link for further information.


Source of Funding: The European Commission in collaboration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

The Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund is a 20 million Euro grant scheme created to help European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access their intellectual property rights.

Supported by the European Commission and the EUIPO, the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund is aimed at businesses that wish to develop their IP strategies and protect their IP rights, at national, regional or EU level.

Covering IP pre-diagnostic services (IP scan) and/or trade mark and design applications, the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund can help you power your business.

Each SME can be reimbursed up to a maximum of EUR 1 500.

75% off IP pre-diagnostic services (IP scan)*

50% off trade mark and design application fees

(*note: click here for the countries that can apply for this scheme)

In brief, SME's must:

  1. apply for the grant at the EUIPO link below.
  2. apply for a trademark or design registration with 30 days of receiving the grant decision from the EUIPO
  3. after having paid for the application, submit a request for payment before 31 December 2021 using the link included in the grant decision.
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4th Transnational Call for Research & Innovation Projects in Maritime and Marine Technologies 2021

Source of Funding: MarTERA ERA-NET CoFund

MarTERA has launched a fourth joint call to fund transnational research and innovation projects in the following areas:

  • Priority Area 1: Environmentally friendly maritime technologies
  • Priority Area 2: Innovative concepts for ships and offshore structures
  • Priority Area 3: Automation, sensors, monitoring and observations
  • Priority Area 4: Advanced manufacturing and production
  • Priority Area 5: Safety and security

Please visit the Priority Areas Matrix and the Call Announcement for more details on each priority area.

This call is initiated by ministries/funding organisations from 9 countries: Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Africa and Turkey. Applicants from these countries are eligible for funding, while applicants from other countries are eligible if they fund their own involvement. Project consortia must involve industry partners. More information can be found in the Call Announcement.

The international application process consists of a two-stage submission process.

The Stage 1 pre-proposal submission deadline: 26th March 2021 (17:00 CET)

Eligible undertakings (State Aid) as well as Public entities and Public Research & Knowledge Dissemination Organisations that do not carry out an economic activity within the meaning of Article 107 TFEU (Non-State Aid) can request up to 300,000 euros and will need to adhere to the National Rules for Participation. These can be accessed through the relevant hyperlink. (N.B. if more than one National partner is present in one consortium, the total amount of funding for the participating National partners cannot exceed the 300,000 euros capping).

Apart from the pre-proposal submission by the project coordinator on the MarTERA submission platform, each national applicant shall be required to submit a National Application Form along with any pertinent annexes to Please access the following document and annexes:

FileAnnex III FileAnnex IV  FileAnnex V  

Interested applicants are invited to participate in an online brokerage event to form or join project consortia by meeting prospective international partners. This will be taking place on the 17th February 2021 and is free of charge. Register your participation here. You may also find other potential project partners on plumtri’s matchmaking MarTERA 2021 page by registering your interest here.

For more information, please contact the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) on / 0035623602175

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EIT Food open call: Grow Workshops

Source of Funding:

EIT Food is seeking projects proposing a set of interlinked training activities to run annually from 2021 to 2023, in the EIT Food Focus Area ‘Sustainable Agriculture’.

Due to the strategic importance of engaging the farming community, the focus of the ‘Grow Workshops’ will primarily be to work with farmers, although SMEs in the first stage of food production may also be included.

Grow workshops are educational workshops/symposia on emerging trends and technologies that should also contain a network building exercise to establish regional and European networks of farmers and first stage food production SMEs, as well as encourage the adoption of new technologies by these stakeholders.

Strong links to the strategic objectives and demonstration of societal/market needs are expected to be shown, as well as clear descriptions of the competencies and skills participants will take home. Each proposal will need clearly outlined and well-shaped communication and dissemination plans.

Deadline for the expression of interest: 15 January 2021

Deadline for proposal submisson: 21 January 2021

For more details about the call, please click on the below link:

Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) 2020

Source of Funding: European Commission

The European Commission (EC) announced €32.7 million made available to transnational projects on migration, including integration.

The call is part of the 2020 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) work programme, with proposals welcome under the following six topics:  

Local integration strategies through multi stakeholder partnerships, which focus on improving socio-economic inclusion and a sense of belonging for migrants in local communities. Find out more.

Reducing obstacles for migrant access to services, either through provision of one specific basic service, or through a transversal approach to accessing all basic services (such as health care, employment support, education or housing). Find out more.

Promoting migrant participation in integration policies: projects funded in this area will promote refugee and migrant participation in the design and implementation of integration and related policies at local, regional, national and European level. Find out more.

Complementary pathways to make existing legal migration channels more accessible and integration more effective for people in need of protection. Find out more.

Victims of trafficking in human beings: projects funded in this area will address assistance, support and integration of third-country national victims of trafficking. Find out more.

Migrant children's transition to adulthood: funded projects will promote the exchange of good practices and knowledge-sharing between actors supporting unaccompanied migrant children during their transition to adulthood. Find out more.

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Innovation Fund for Small Scale Projects 2020

Source of Funding: Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs

The Innovation Fund's currently open call, with a budget of 100 Million Euro, was launched on 1st December 2020 and will be closing on the 10th March 2021 (17:00:00 Brussels time). Like the large-scale projects call, this call also focuses on the categories of renewable energy, energy-intensive industries, energy storage, and carbon capture, use and storage. However, for this call, projects must have a total capital expenditure costs below EUR 7.5 million but above EUR 2.5 million.

The emphasis is on truly innovative projects that are ready for commercial deployment, for instance delivering installations to a customer in a new market segment. Besides, three key activities are encouraged: products that substitute carbon-intensive ones, net carbon removal innovations and direct air capture.

The call text and supporting documents can be found from the Funding and Tenders Opportunities website: The link is provided he​re​​.

The European Commission organised a virtual conference on the 19th November 2020 from 10.00 to 11.30 CET. This conference included discussions on how the call for small-scale projects under the Innovation Fund could help them to take off and reach the market, innovation potential of clean tech projects, ability to achieve financial close faster, best practices, lessons learnt and more.

 You may find the recording of the session here.

During the above-mentioned virtual conference held by the European Commission, ‘Small is beautiful: How can the Innovation Fund foster innovative clean tech small-scale projects?’, an introduction to the upcoming call for proposals for small-scale projects was provided, together with general comparisons to the past large-scale projects call. The salient points of the call can be found in this power point presentation, used by the European Commission during the conference.

 Whilst one can obtain insight into the call through this presentation, we recommend using the official call texts as the reference documents.

On 9 December, the European Commission will be organising a webinar from 10.00 to 12.00 CET to present the key features of the first call for small-scale projects and guide you through the application process. You can follow the event via webs​treaming​. The recording will be made available afterwards. During the webinar, participants can ask their questions via Slido using the event code #IFSS.

The recording and presentations used can be found: here​

Interested applicants are highly encouraged to carefully read the call text and supporting documents at the earliest.

The National Contact Point (NCP) for this EU fund is the Funds and Programmes Division (FPD) within the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs. However, FPD works closely with the relevant local competent bodies to ensure adequate consultation and coordination.

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the EU Funds Programme Manager, Ms. Maria Dimech on​ (+356 2200 1164) keeping Director General, FPD, Inġ. Anthony Camilleri in copy,​ anthony.c.camilleri@gov.mtto obtain further guidance. 

Please refer to the national contact point (NCP) for guidance. The NCP can also assist in communication with the European Commission through the Funding and Tenders portal. Furthermore, applicants are also advised to contact the relevant national competent bodies to ensure alignment with national policies that may be applicable to their project proposal.  ​